SKYF & CargoCoin Review: Blockchain Robot Freight

SKYF & CargoCoin Review: Blockchain Robot Freight

CargoCoin has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to solidify a new partnership with SKYFchain.

To fully understand the implications of this new crypto alliance we need to tell you a bit about each of these projects, why they are such a good fit, and how this partnership is going to benefit the cryptosphere; and the field of unmanned logistics.

CargoCoin & SKYFchain

SKYFchain has created an amazing new platform for the automation of industrial logistics operations of unmanned cargo vehicles – drones, trucks, and ships. That's right, this project has used the blockchain and the magic of the smart contract to create a fully automated logistical system for unmanned vehicles that are already hauling our goods around the globe. This revolutionary "B2R (Business to Robot)" system utilizes the blockchain to maximum potential. All of that makes SKYFchain a project worth watching on its own. Combine that with the flip side of this equation and we'll see just how perfect this fit really is.

While SKYFchain automated the robotic vehicles involved in deliveries; CargoCoin takes care of the actual goods being delivered. From the time an order is placed until it arrives at the customer's door; CargoCoin's smart contract is in control. No more paperwork; and, even better, no more lost or incorrect paperwork accompanying freight. CargoCoin handles everything through the automation built into the token. Just as we have told you how BANKEX tokenizes real-world goods, CargoCoin does the same for freight. Everything is checked, double checked and triple checked at every step along the way. Physical goods and a fully open blockchain ledger are what bring the shipping industry to the cryptosphere with CargoCoin.

With the merger in effect users of both of these revolutionary platforms will soon have access to both projects; giving each full access to the services and service providers already on both platforms. This is all very new technology. With the exception of a few publicity stunts by Amazon, there isn't a true network of delivery drones yet. But, the teams of CargoCoin and SKYFchain see that future. And they have already come up with solutions to problems that don't yet exist.


All of this innovation from both of these projects makes this a powerhouse of a team in the physical realm of logistics and delivery; as well as here in the cryptosphere. Not only we here at CryptoDetail excited about both of these projects and their potential impact; the teams at both projects are just as excited.

Bogomil Alexandrov, the CEO of CargoCoin, said:

"SKYFChain is a pioneer company in the field of unmanned drone flights and we find their products to be of outstanding quality and technology, which will be a future of transport. We have great expectations for the benefits of this cooperation for both CargoCoin & SKYFchain, together we will shape the future of blockchain based cargo and logistics."

And, the CEO of SKYFchain, Alexander Timofeev, said:

“We are happy to find a reliable partner in the emerging field of blockchain-based logistics. CargoCoin is an industry pioneer and can provide our clients with an easy global service. Together we are offering an end-to-end solution for our customers.”

A Bit More About SKYFchain

SKYFchain goes far beyond those little $ 100 drones Amazon employees might fly to your house to deliver a novel or a hand towel tied to the undercarriage of the little toy. SKYF is described as a "heavy-lifting unmanned aerial carrier vehicle with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL - We LOVE the Harrier Jump Jet) capabilities". With the SKYF drone, developers can now design and build new robotic vehicles with a wide variety of modification possibilities for any number of tasks. The maximum load capacity of the SKYF is currently 400 kg (880 lbs) with a maximum the range of 350 km (220 miles) or up to 8 hours.

This technology itself takes the word "drone" out of the toy stores and into a useful business application. In fact, there are even modification processes to allow the SKYF to participate in a live firefighting role. The possibilities are endless (as it should be with any crypto-based project). Those innovations led SKYF to bring SKYFchain to life as its own little spin-off project. While the drones of SKYF aren't necessarily involved in this merger; the minds that created that awesome robotic system have also created the fully automated control system that can (theoretically) be connected to SKYFchain.

SKYFchain offers a list of services that can be automated through the SKYFT token smart contract. Customers can use the SKYFchain platform to pick and choose only the services (each with variable difficulty, frequency, etc) that it needs; thereby cutting unnecessary costs and maximizing their own profitability. So, with those SKYFT tokens, the customer (a business) can purchase each piece of automation separately. Like they say, this is a B2R platform; a place for businesses to hire a robot. The entire transaction is laid out for the customers in terms of fiat payments that the platform turns into SKYFT tokens for use throughout the process. So, the focus here is on the tech instead of some "investment or not /utility vs investment token" arguments. Logistics, maximizing efficiency /profits and ease of use. It's BRILLIANT, cost-effective and truly the way to the future

A Bit More About CargoCoin

According to their documentation, the CargoCoin project was designed as a smart contract driven cryptocurrency based platform used to decentralize global trade and transport. The platform's target is to "facilitate and optimize the interaction amongst traders, freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents as well as all other parties involved in the international trade and transport of commodities and cargoes. The platform users experience outlines well-balanced ecosystem based on cutting-edge crypto security and frictionless interaction."

All of that is quite the mouthful that breaks down to one true thought; CargoCoin has helped the cryptosphere to further merge with the fiat world by automating one of our most important industries; logistics. 

Final point 

With CargoCoin handling freight from start to finish and with SKYFchain dealing with the actual working robots delivering those goods; we have another multi-billion dollar potential here. These projects together are going to get to that proverbial moon far sooner than many expect. That's not a prediction, nor financial advice; it's just common sense. 

Thanks for joining us in this exploration. Good luck on your crypto journey. Happy HODLing!!! 

Danny Donahue



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