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Danny Donahue

Danny Donahue, Editor-in-Chief

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let me introduce myself. I am Danny Donahue, professional editor and Blockchain technology enthusiast with 30+ years of coding experience. I am so excited about the publication we are making here.

CryptoDetail is an independent learning center for cryptocurrency users. We have the guides, tutorials, how-to materials which will be useful for newcomers and professionals. 

The publication covers Bitcoin, Altcoins, Blockchain, and other cryptocurrency related topics.

CryptoDetail Guides provide answers to all crypto related questions which bother industry participants, especially newcomers. The content provides each reader to dive into cryptocurrency world and to be excited more than ever.  

CryptoDetail Reviews give an objective opinion on popular cryptocurrency products such as mining equipment, exchanges and much more.

Joshua Dylan, Editor

Joshua has been writing and editing on technology and trading for 8 years. He has a keen eye for emerging cryptocurrency projects, blockchain developments and keeping up to date with the latest development in the financial industry.

Ask any questions via [email protected], we will be happy to help you!

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