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i7-6700 Intel CPU Review

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i7-6700 Intel CPU Mining Review

Mining cryptocurrencies is a complex and ever-evolving world. With the i7-6700, Intel offers a unique proposition for enthusiasts looking to dip their toes into the realm of digital coin mining.

Let's embark on an exploration of the capabilities of the intel core i7-6700 for cryptocurrency mining.

The Intel Core i7-6700, a part of Intel's 6th generation processors, is better known for its gaming and general computing performance rather than cryptocurrency mining. However, the conversation has changed with the rise of CPU mineable coins. Before diving deep, let's demystify some basics.


The i7-6700 boasts 4 cores and 8 threads, with a base frequency of 3.40 GHz, which can turbo up to 4.00 GHz. This offers a balanced combination of speed and multitasking capability.


Skylake, the architecture on which the i7-6700 is based, offers various performance enhancements over its predecessors. Though primarily designed for consumer tasks, how does it fare in the mining domain?

Power Efficiency

One key aspect of mining is energy consumption, as it directly impacts profits. With a TDP of 65W, the Intel i7-6700 presents a compelling case for energy-conscious miners.

i7-6700 Intel CPU Mining Review Power Efficiency

Mining Suitability and Performance

The question on everyone's mind: How good is the Intel i7 6700 for mining? The answer isn't as straightforward as you'd think.

Hash Rates 

The i7-6700 offers decent hash rates for CPU-minable coins. However, it's not going to break any records. For instance, while mining Monero, expect hash rates in the ballpark of 200-250 H/s, depending on configurations and mining software.


While the i7-6700 wasn't initially designed for continuous high-load tasks such as mining, it's built with Intel's rigorous standards. So, with adequate cooling, it should stand the test of time. Remember the childhood game "How long can you keep your hand on the hot pan?" Well, your CPU shouldn't play that game!

ROI (Return on Investment)

If you're considering buying the i7-6700 solely for mining, the return on investment might not be immediate, especially compared to dedicated mining rigs. Yet, for those with the processor already in their systems, it's an intriguing option for some passive earnings.

Steps to Start Mining with the i7-6700

Are you interested in setting up a mining operation with your i7-6700? Let's guide you through the process.

Steps to Start Mining with the i7-6700

Choose your Cryptocurrency

Not all coins are CPU-friendly. Research coins that are favorable for CPU mining. Monero, VerusCoin, and Yenten are good starting points.

Pick the Right Software

There's an array of mining software available. For the Intel i7 6700, XMRig and CPUminer are popular choices. Do remember software optimization can influence the hash rate.

Setup and Configuration

Once your software is downloaded, you'll need to configure it. This usually involves entering details about the mining pool you're joining, your wallet address, and other specifics.

Monitor and Optimize

The world of cryptocurrency is volatile. Stay updated on trends, monitor your mining operations, and be ready to adjust for optimal results. It's a bit like gardening. You don't just plant a seed and walk away; you nurture it. Similarly, mining requires attention to yield fruitful results.

Comparing the i7-6700 with Other CPUs

So, how does the Intel i7 6700 stack up against the competition?

Higher Models in the Same Generation

Compared to its beefier siblings, like the i7-6700K, the i7-6700 seems slightly conservative. The 'K' versions, with their unlocked multipliers, offer greater flexibility for overclocking, potentially leading to better mining results.

Newer Generations

As expected, the newer Intel CPUs offer better performance, like the i7-7700 or i7-8700. They come with enhanced architectures, more cores, and better energy efficiency. Yet, they also come with a heftier price tag. The question remains: does the increase in hash rate justify the additional cost?

AMD Counterparts

The AMD Ryzen series, especially the higher-end models, have gained a reputation for their mining capabilities. Their high core and thread counts give them an edge in multitasking and parallel processing, which is crucial for mining tasks. However, the choice between Intel and AMD often concerns personal preference, brand loyalty, and specific use cases.

While the Intel Core i7-6700 might not be the first choice for dedicated miners, it offers an entry point for enthusiasts and those looking to utilize existing hardware. The world of cryptocurrency mining is vast and nuanced. Whether you choose the i7-6700 or another chip, it's a constant learning and adaptation journey. So, with your processor at hand, are you ready to dig into the digital gold rush?

i7-6700 Intel CPU Review AMD Counterparts

Overcoming the i7-6700 Limitations for Mining

The Intel i7-6700 is undeniably a versatile chip, but when it comes to mining, it does have some limitations. However, every regulation presents an opportunity for optimization. Let's dive into some solutions.


Continuous mining can cause your CPU to heat up. A high-quality aftermarket cooler can maintain a stable temperature, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Think of it as getting your CPU a summer hat. It's not just about style; it's about protection too.


Although the i7-6700 isn't designed for overclocking like its 'K' counterpart, minor tweaks can still be made for a slight performance bump. However, tread with caution. Pushing the CPU too hard can compromise its lifespan.

Optimized Mining Software

Software evolves at a rapid pace. Regularly updating your mining software can lead to performance improvements. Newer versions often come with bug fixes and optimized algorithms. It's like updating your car's GPS maps. You wouldn't want to rely on data from five years ago, would you?

Safety and Security While Mining

Mining isn't just about maximizing profits; it's also about ensuring your operations are safe and secure.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly cleaning your PC and ensuring proper airflow can prevent hardware damage. Dust and grime are the natural enemies of electronic devices. A little cleaning spree can go a long way.

Security Software

Engaging in online transactions, especially in crypto, makes you vulnerable to threats. Ensure you have a reliable antivirus and firewall setup. Cryptocurrency is a valuable asset; wouldn't you want to keep your treasure chest locked and guarded?


Regularly back up your wallet and any essential data. In digital assets, losing access to your wallet can mean losing everything. Always have a plan B or even a plan C.

Environmental Impact and Considerations

The conversation about cryptocurrency mining wouldn't be complete without addressing its environmental impact.

Power Consumption

The i7-6700, with its 65W TDP, is relatively energy-efficient. However, consider sourcing your electricity from renewable sources if possible. After all, striking a balance between digital gains and environmental consciousness is the way forward.


Computers and their components have a finite lifespan. Ensure you responsibly recycle or dispose of old equipment. Cryptocurrency might be a digital realm, but its footprints in the real world are tangible and lasting.

Community Initiatives

Several crypto communities are focusing on eco-friendly mining solutions. Being a part of such initiatives can make a difference. Every drop in the ocean counts, right?

i7-6700: A Gateway to the Mining World

The intel core i7-6700, while not a mining juggernaut, presents an exciting proposition. For many, it serves as a bridge between everyday computing and the enticing world of cryptocurrency mining.


Although not a mining specialist, this chip allows users to multitask efficiently. So, while your system mines, you can continue your daily tasks without significant disruptions. It's like having a car that's both a daily driver and a weekend racer.


If you already own a system with the i7-6700, the barrier to entry into the mining world is significantly lowered—no need for hefty investments in specialized rigs.

Learning Curve

Starting with the i7-6700 can be a great way to learn the ropes. It's not too intimidating for beginners, yet it offers enough challenges for those wanting to explore deeper.

Cryptocurrency mining is much more than just about profits. It's a blend of technology, strategy, and constant adaptation. The Intel i7 6700 might not be the show's star, but it has its role to play, serving as a reliable workhorse for many. As you navigate the intricate corridors of the mining maze, remember that the journey, with its highs and lows, learnings, and discoveries, is as rewarding as the destination.

Exploring Possibilities with the i7-6700

As we venture deeper into the digital age, cryptocurrency mining's allure grows daily. The Intel i7 6700, while perhaps an unconventional choice for hardcore miners, has proven to be an eye-opener for many.

Revisiting Versatility

One of the processor's strongest suits is its adaptability. For the hobbyist looking to dabble in mining without diving headfirst into specialized rigs, the i7-6700 offers a viable option. It's like taking a familiar path into unfamiliar territories, offering a sense of comfort and reliability.

Environmental Awareness

As responsible netizens, it's heartening to see that even within cryptocurrency mining, sustainability's emphasized. Using an energy-efficient CPU like the i7-6700 is a small step, but it signifies a more conscious effort toward a greener future.

Looking Ahead

The world of technology is ceaselessly evolving. Today's pinnacle of performance becomes tomorrow's standard. But what remains consistent is the spirit of exploration and adaptability. The i7-6700 might not be in the spotlight in the years to come, but its relevance in today's context, especially for novice miners, is undeniable.


In the vast universe of cryptocurrency mining, the intel core i7-6700 stands as a testament to the idea that sometimes, it's not just about raw power but about accessibility and the democratization of technology. For many, it serves as a gateway, a stepping stone into the intricate world of digital currencies. While the journey with the i7-6700 might have its limitations, it is undoubtedly an enriching one, full of lessons, challenges, and unexpected rewards. As we forge ahead into a future dominated by digital transactions and cryptocurrencies, every piece of hardware, every individual, and every endeavor adds a unique note to this symphony of progress.


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