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Top 10 Tron Blockchain Network DApps [Review]

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Top 10 Tron Blockchain Network DApps [Review]

In this article, we focus on the Top 10 Tron DApps and describe them along the lines of categories, utilities and their respective records of the transactions.

DApps are decentralized applications whose operations records are stored on a public decentralized Blockchain and are ideally controlled by an open-source system. Changes made are decided by the consensus or a majority of the user base.

Many popularly known DApps already exist on different networks including Ethereum and EOS DApps. However, some of the well-known DApps with evident practical use collect Tron’s DApps that are fast gaining attention. The possible developments in this ecosystem are impossible to quantify.

This article focuses on the Top 10 Tron’s DApps and describes them along the lines of categories, utilities, and their respective records of the transaction. For clarity sake, it should be noted that the relative positions of these DApps change rapidly, and the arrangement presented in this article does not represent any permanent order.  However, this list exists in a decreasing number of users within the last 24 hours of writing this article.


Transactions (TX) per 24 hours:          210.2k

Users per 24 hours:    3.3k

TRONbet is a DApp categorized under gambling. It uses a multiplicity of gaming and Blockchain applications to give its users the best user experience. It is an e-gaming platform on the TRON network which employs the trustees feature of the Blockchain. Gambling on this DApp is carried out using TRX majorly, and the platform also supports ANTE (TRC20) as staking currency. The game is fair, transparent and distributes wealth accordingly.


TX 24h.         52.2k

Users 24h.    3.2k

This DApp is categorized under gambling. It forms the largest decentralized gaming ecosystem on the TRON network. It has degree fairness of 100%. It is fun to play and fast. It has a collection of games including Dragon Tiger, Tron spin, Dice, Mines, Roulette, and Digi X. The platform promises more gambling games, which further explains why gamers and gamblers across the globe use this DApp, projecting it to the top 10 list.


TX 24h.         8.7k

Users 24h.    3.1k

TronBank is categorized under High-Risk. As the name implies, TronBank is a funding game in which gamers Worldwide deposit funds in the form of TRX and expect a Return On Investment (ROI) of around 3.6%-6.6% daily. The DApp allows global players to make withdrawals of funds at any time of the day, which is one of the many qualities this DApp attracts players with. TronBank is built on TRON Blockchain and works autonomously, employing smart contracts for accurate record-keeping of deposits and withdrawals and automatic fund dispersal.


TX 24h.         48.3k

Users 24h.    2.4k

This DApp is categorized under gambling. It is a combination of both gaming and incubation platform which uses technical abilities to empower developers in building-wide ecosystems of the ginger portal. It has TronDice as a subsidiary and users experience a fun-filled Blockchain games ecosystem. The platform is built on the Tron network and uses APIs through open source to allow developers to distribute DApps quickly.


Transactions (TX) per 24 hours:         10.5k

Users per 24 hours:    4.1k

This DApp is categorized under gambling. It is popularly known as the world’s first decentralized binary options trading platform. This DApp offers decentralized binary trading while giving its users total assets and wallet management and e-control. Pricing data work by smart contracts and is stored on the TRON Blockchain. With the TRON network capable of handling around 2000 transactions per second, transactions on games upon user command take place in seconds. It has a stable record of daily transactions and also offers liquidity to investors.


TX 24h.         4k

Users 24h.    1.9k

This DApp is categorized under High-Risk. Ranked second to TronBank, Bankroll is a social experiment built on the TRON Blockchain to achieve a sustainable, trustless, voluntary and global basic income. Bankroll is one DApp that proves that extra crypto earning doesn’t always have to be by gambling. Users can tap directly into the network's full potentials by the possession of Bankroll credits and can earn TRX passively by merely holding their credits over time. TRX can also be acquired on the platform by using properties like the Luck non-profit casino.


TX 24h.         16.3k

Users 24h.    1.9k

This DApp is categorized under exchanges. TronTrade is a decentralized exchange where a variety of TRC10 and TRC20 cryptocurrencies can be traded. The exchange places higher importance on its community and offers round-the-clock customer support. Aside from that, as a decentralized exchange, TronTrade has an easily navigated interface, a simple model of easy trading, proper accountability of wallets and generally safe and satisfactory trading experience. The DApp attracts users worldwide due to its ease of buying and selling of assets that users get on the platform.


TX 24h.         10.7k

Users 24h.    1.5k

This DApp is categorized under exchanges and ranks second to TronTrade. TRXMarket retains the reputation and popularity of the first-ever decentralized exchange built on the TRON Blockchain. As a pioneer decentralized exchange, TRXMarket is safe, transparent and convenient to use. Like its rival TronTrade, it also features both TRC10 and TRC20 cryptos. All trades and transactions on this DApp have zero transaction fees and are executed by the TRX smart contract. The DApp provides top-level security, speed, transparency and convenience.


TX 24h.         33.2k

Users 24h.    837

This DApp is categorized under gambling. It is a platform which allows players to gain passive income in TNX tokens. The system's beauty is that players can mine TRX tokens every hour and their balance grow anyway,  whether they lose or win a game. There are a couple of games like slots and dice from which players can make a choice. The platform also features a 3 level referral program giving up to 15% real rewards to players in a simple and accessible give away of 1,000,000 TRX.

888 Tron

TX 24h.         7.9k

Users 24h.    820

This DApp is categorized under gambling. A game in which players roll the dice, staking TRX in the process and winning proportionally to their lucky spin. With a 96.51% win chance, all profits of the platform are shared among token holders.


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