Where Can I Get A Blockchain Course For Free?

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Where Can I Get A Blockchain Course For Free?

Regardless of the Blockchain course you choose; the key to success in crypto programming is having passion and dedication. If you're not ready to work hard; you won't make it as a coder. Blockchain Courses for Free.

With the birth of the cryptosphere years ago, new opportunities began to arise. The legal, business, financial, and, of course, programming industries exploded with a new found prosperity. Then, last year (2017) there was a sudden interest in coding from people who had never coded before. Why? Because those people saw the possibilities of success in this new world born of Satoshi's gift.

But, not many newbies to coding have the true drive, patience and love of the process that it takes to learn the craft properly. Many just want to start making those big crypto dollars right off the bat. Those are people that send this frequent question to us here at CryptoDetail; "Where can I get a blockchain course for free?".

While we applaud your enthusiasm; it still must be said that you are going to need a good background. Sure, self-teaching can be a great path to becoming a successful coder. Some of our staff are self-taught and they have worked with a number of the cryptosphere's must well known and successful projects. However, the coders on staff here at CryptoDetail have taken the path least traveled in order to have the true knowledge of the craft that we loved before ever writing our first line of code.



If you understand that line of code; you are pretty old, and VERY well grounded in your programming knowledge. If you do not understand that line of code. That programming language is as dead as the dinosaurs by now. And, while you don't need to go all the way back to Commodore Basic to teach yourself coding; you do need to at least be familiar with the basics; HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Python, and Solidity. That is a VERY basic list if you really want to start building blockchain code. You can learn all of these (except Solidity) on one of our favorite self-teaching sites; Codecademy.com. And, you can learn all of these languages, and more, for FREE.

Once you are properly grounded in the basics of coding; with fluency in those few languages; we can start looking for a free blockchain course for you. 

Coursera - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

Coursera offers one of the most complete crypto tech course online today. It is designed to be a completely enclosed learning ecosystem for each student. There is nothing else you need to take this course other than your computer and your desire to learn.

This course has been around for long enough for Coursera to be able to (accurately) claim that most bitcoin fanatics intent on exploring the inner workings of Satoshi's gift has completed this training just to gain that knowledge alone. This is the most popular free course in the cryptosphere; and, it will carry you into the field with a solid base of knowledge backing up your code.

By the time you complete this course, you will know how to code your ideas and tie them to the Bitcoin network. And, just as importantly; you will have the knowledge to understand whether something you are reading is fact or fiction. This takes you out of the realm of an uninformed newbie to a seasoned crypto guru who is beyond being scammed by any of those crypto Nigerian Princes out there trying to profit off of them as of yet uninformed and uninitiated.

All in all, we here at CryptoDetail highly recommend taking this course, if, for no other reason than to gain the very basic knowledge and truth behind the codes that gave birth to the cryptosphere.

Udemy - Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem

Udemy is one of those go-to sites for coders everywhere. They have developed a plethora of courses that have given coders the knowledge to create some of the most innovative products ever made. Their Blockchain Tech course, helps you understand this technology; and the cryptosphere as a whole. Again, this is one very complete course that you do not want to miss.

The goal of the Udemy Blockchain course is to guide you from being a newbie with no knowledge about Blockchain tech to becoming a coder who fully understands how the Blockchain, along with everything attached to the blockchain, lives, breathes and operates.

IBM - Blockchain for Developers

Straight from one of the oldest computer companies in the world, IBM has their own free blockchain course geared toward developers (see why we told you to get well grounded in the basics of coding before you start this journey). Taking this course will teach you how to create your own private blockchain, how to add code to create a smart contract system for your new project, and how to use a chain code from Hyperledger as an interface for your IBM Bluemix based crypto and its entire environment.

And, in true IBM fashion; this course includes a lab demo of how assets are transferred to several people /roles across a network. So that you fully understand how to use the tech you are learning to build.

Blockgeeks - Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App

Blockgeeks is one of those well known, very trusted sites /projects that make the cryptosphere so great. They have developed a course that is geared toward taking you from a newbie with no knowledge on DAPP (decentralized apps) development; to become an active early adopter who can develop an Ethereum based Blockchain app.

Considering the fact that 90% of the projects in the cryptosphere are ERC20 tokens that live on the ETH blockchain; this is one of the courses we suggest taking if you want to get into crypto programming; especially if you want to go from nothing to owning your own library of DAPPs you have developed that bring in an amazing static income. 

Regardless of the course, you choose; the key to success in crypto programming is having passion and dedication. If you are not ready to work and work hard; you won't make it as a coder; especially in the cryptosphere.

Thanks for joining us on this exploration. Good luck on your own crypto journey. Happy HODLing!!!

Danny Donahue


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