Peculium (PCL) Review: AI Based Investments

Peculium (PCL) Review: AI Based Investments

Peculium project is one of those unique finds in the cryptosphere.

We here at CryptoDetail recently became aware of Peculium. As with most crypto projects, there are things about this one that we love; and others we have questions about. Take a look and we will show you what we mean. 

First, Let's Talk About What We Love! 

All of our loyal readers know that we here at CryptoDetail love innovation; especially Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Well, Peculium has taken These technologies and focused them on a particular path - investments. More specifically, their system focuses on crypto investments.

Another thing we love is a strong team. Well, you are not going to find many teams more talented than this one. The Peculium Team is led by none other than Rachid Oukhai, the creator of Upsilon Corp. As a data scientist, Rachid certainly has the know how to tackle such a complex system. And, he has the experience to lead a team brilliant enough to pull off this technology. But, enough about experience and knowledge. We here at CryptoDetail are in love with the ideas that make the cryptosphere. And, again Peculium has piqued our fancy.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning focused on crypto investments in trading. We read that their system, AIEVE, managed to make her own portfolio grow by 300% in a little over 4 months. We also read that AIEVE is now capable of predicting rare events. These are infrequent events that have the potential to create a huge impact on the cryptosphere. This is very impressive. And, we always give credit where credit is due. So, Well done AIEVE; congrats on your proven ability to create wealth. And, congrats to the team that created AIEVE. You are the ones who deserve the kudos for creating such this Artificial Intelligence Engine. 

Where We Have Questions or Issues With the Peculium Project

Okay, let's see where this project raises questions or concerns for us. Everyone knows that we here at CryptoDetails embrace the Gifts of Satoshi. In fact, we are somewhat puritanical about those early ideas that created the cryptosphere itself.

One of those most important "commandments" outlined in the original Bitcoin White Paper is that cryptos are made to help everyone to escape from the bonds of mankind's slavery to the traditional fiat world. Unfortunately, as great an idea Peculium may be, this is where we think it digresses from that ideals. Peculium does help individuals manage their crypto-assets better. However, the Peculium Whitepaper also implies that their platform is designed to assist corporations and financial institutions to manage their investments better as well.

While targeting that kind of money and bringing it here to the cryptosphere may be a brilliant financial strategy, it does not sit well with our thought process. However, the fact that the PCL Tokens are already listed on a number of exchanges does allow nearly everyone to benefit from any growth this project will see. So, the focus of the customer base is not so important in that light.

"The only project that has the advocacy of promoting a bright future to a massive number of individuals"?

In their documentation, Peculium makes the claim that it is "the only project that has the advocacy of promoting a bright future to a massive number of individuals." We here at CryptoDetail applaud the thought; although feel it may be a bit inaccurate. In point of fact, Satoshi's gift allowed all crypto projects to have this power. While we see the benefits of the Peculium project's goals and system, the aforementioned focus on corporations and financial institutions makes it seem that "a massive number of individuals" will not be as enriched with this system as those companies. That may seem a bit of a rebellious assessment. But, the truth is that what benefits a company benefits its employees and shareholders. So, using that scenario Peculium will absolutely "promote a bright future to a massive number of individuals".

All in all, regardless of our rather puritanical view of what a crypto project should be, we here at CryptoDetail do love projects that bring new members to our beloved cryptosphere. And, Peculium is bringing a flood of new participants and money to our little world.

Unlike the Wall St invasion of December 2017, Peculium has a well thought out system, built and maintained by a strong team; allowing stability and the potential for a long shelf life. And, like we always say, what is good for one crypto project is good for the cryptosphere as a whole.

So, whether our aversion to "The Man" (big corporations and traditional fiat financial institutions) Peculium is breathing new life into the cryptosphere; and for that we applaud them. And, we will most certainly be watching this interesting project for years to come. 

If you have not checked out Peculium...

Have a look at their White Paper here and check out their Pitch Deck here. And take some time to review their website here.

As always, while we definitely see the potential here; always do your due diligence before buying any token. So, before you run out and buy PCL read their documentation. Remember that we never buy what we do not understand. But, once you read up, learn about the project and decide that it is an idea that you feel has potential; grab those PCL Tokens and HODL away our friends. This project is indeed going to enrich lives; directly or indirectly. No, that is not a "financial advice". You alone are responsible for your own "investments" both in and out of the cryptosphere. However, after our review of Peculium's impressive project as a whole; it seems to us that it is just a bit of common sense.

Have you gotten your PCL yet? Are you involved in Peculium? Tell us your thoughts and experiences with this project in the comments below. After we have had time to watch this project at work we may be following this article with others in order to share more about this new addition to the cryptosphere. So, if you have been involved in any way, tell us your thoughts and you may be invited to contribute those thoughts to our next Peculium assessment.

Thanks for joining us on this exploration! Good luck on your own crypto journey!! Happy HODLing!!!

Danny Donahue



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