Dogecoin MOON Review or Who Is Shiba Inu

Dogecoin MOON Review or Who Is Shiba Inu

Here at CryptoDetail, we are just like everyone else as far as our personal choices in cryptocurrencies. Of course, Bitcoin is at the top of that list. But did you know one of our favorites is Dogecoin?

That's right! Dogecoin is actually a crypto most of us use daily.

So, when we were recently asked "What is Dogecoin MOON; Who is Shiba Inu?" we simply had to write this article in order to not only answer that (those) question(s); but also to tell you all about the one, the only, the amazing Dogecoin. 

Dogecoin Basics

For those of you who do not know please let us explain. Although Bitcoin gave birth to the cryptosphere in 2008; it was not until a few years later that people began creating other coins. Then, in 2013 the cryptocurrencies started to boom.

The price of Bitcoin had already gone high enough that some people would never be able to accord a single BTC at one time. And the price of transactions was already high enough to make sending "microtransactions", also known as "tipping', simply unaffordable.

As with everything online, some people took this situation far too seriously. Many of the coins coming out over evaluated their own worths. And, this led to a situation where two brave men thought that everyone needed to be knocked down a bit. With that thought in mind two men, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus had a plan to deal with those issues. 

The Joke Is On You Guys Now 

Jack and Billy did a fork of the Lucky Coin code. Lucky was already a fork of Litecoin, so the code was out there ready to be had. After upping the supply and lowering the mining time and difficulty the guys were ready for their big joke.

In December of 2013 a series of memes featuring a Japanese spitz breed called a Shiba Inu. These were simplistic and satirical in fashion and very badly written; on purpose. "Much Buy", "Such Cheap", "Very TIp" and other seemingly nonsensical, but to the point, phrases were used to create a guerrilla marketing campaign.

Surprisingly enough, while some took this as a joke as originally intended, many members of the quickly growing cryptosphere embraced this new coin for its benefits. So, while Jackson and Billy thought they were putting the overthinkers in place; the joke was most definitely on them most of all. 

A Staple Was Born

More and more people started taking a deep look at Dogecoin and seeing the potential. And today Doge is still one of the "power coins" of the cryptosphere. That joke had quickly become a staple in our little world with a cult following of loyal users.

Why? Ranked at #27 on CoinMarketCap's top 100 cryptos Dogecoin has remained loyal to its original formula. Their notion that a cryptocurrency should be affordable to buy, easy to use, cheaply transacted (even as microtransactions, like we want for tipping) has taken Doge from that "joke" status to its rightful spot as a permanent fixture in the cryptosphere.

What Is This Moon Of Which You Speak? 

Among the "Shibes" (those loyal members of the Dogecoin community) that original, light-hearted attitude is still there. Regardless of how serious the rest of the cryptosphere becomes the Doge community insists that, above all else, cryptos should be fun. With that attitude, the running joke within that tribe of loyal users is that Doge is "going to the moon". This means that, yes, we understand the price is a fraction of a penny for a single Doge today. But, if you buy some, and Hold On For Dear Life; that price is going to explode, go through the room, and even "to the moon" very soon.

While most Shibes do not really believe that phrase was ever anything more than a parody of the nonsensical sales hype being used in the cryptosphere today; again, the joke is, once again, on them.

In 2019, to celebrate mankind's first moon landing, a private company is sending a rocket to the moon. As a small part of that payload, a single, physical coin bearing the now famous image of the Dogecoin logo will arrive at the moon as a part of that historic event.

So, while there is definitely a light-hearted attitude among the Doge community, there is also fanatical enthusiasm for the coin they embrace. 

But Will The Mythical Moon Ever Be Reached?  

No, not likely. The whole point of Dogecoin is to keep the price low in order to ensure accessibility for everyone. The coin is simply designed to keep the coin from ever reaching the heights we have seen from our other favorite coins.

You may be wondering why we here at CryptoDetail are Shibes ourselves; especially considering the fact that this coin is designed to make no profit.

THAT is exactly why we love Dogecoin. As we have said many times; currencies are not investments; they are currencies meant to be earned, spent and HODLed; just like any other form of money. And Dogecoin embraces that concept by and through its very design. 

More solid and more stable 

While thousands may be gained or lost overnight with whatever meager amount we have HODLing away in our Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets; Doge has remained more solid; more stable throughout the years. Yes, as with any other crypto Doge has had its ups and downs. But, in comparison to other cryptocurrencies the Doge history is a virtual flatline; not the roller coaster rides the others take on a daily basis. And, it is that smooth, solid ride that makes Doge so attractive. 

With 4 1/2 years of solid value, Doge is THE place to HODL your funds. That, our loyal readers, is why we here at CryptoDetail love Dogecoin. It is why we use Dogecoin. And it is why we recommend Dogecoin to you all.

*** As always, nothing in this article is meant and/or presented as legal or financial advice. Please do your own due diligence before placing your hard earned money into any cryptocurrency or token

Thanks for joining us on this exploration! Good luck on your own trip to the moon!! Happy HODLing!!!

Danny Donahue


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