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Sharpe Token (SHP) Review | Wisdom of the Crowd

Sharpe Token (SHP) Review | Wisdom of the Crowd

The magic here is that the Sharpe Capital (SHP) is equipped with a smart contract more complex than nearly any other we have run across to date.

As all of our loyal readers already know that we here at CryptoDetail love projects that bring great ideas to life. Well, one of our favourites is actually a fairly well-known concept that, before the fall of 2017, was really a very old concept.

TV Show 

Last year there was a short-lived television show in the US called Wisdom of the Crowd. The show's concept was that the daughter of a tech genius was murdered in the first episode. During the victim's father's trip through grief, he remembered that old concept that says that to find the truth, you need only to ask enough people. While a single answer to your question will likely not be the truth if you take the average of 1,000 answers, you have the truth.

Well, we all know that tech geniuses are not happy with a mere 1,000 answers to a question. So, the hero of this show developed an app that asks people to help solve crimes. Of course, that turned out to be a vigilante-filled fiasco. But, it is the IDEA that we want to impart to you here.

Long before that show was conceived, two men in the UK had a similar thought. Not about crime-solving (but how cool would that be in real life); but in regards to cryptos and investing. This thought brought Sharpe Capital to life. However, the real-life application of the crowd's wisdom is MUCH more interesting (and long-lived) than the one from that show. 

Sharpe token

The magic here is that the Sharpe token (SHP) is equipped with a smart contract more complex than nearly any other we have run across to date. The SHP gives you access to the site. Then it allows you to answer various questions such as "what will the price of BTC be in 5 days?". The SHP records your answer, sends it to their platform and adds your answer to thousands of others. Their AI system determines the wisdom of the crowd and invests accordingly; thereby making a profit for the project, and the token holders. Right, wrong, way off or dead on with your answers; it does not matter. Participation, not accuracy is what brings monthly payments in ETH to each token holder involved. Everyone wins! It is a brilliant project that is lucrative for all involved. 

But seriously, what is the point? 

Well, this whole cryptosphere is a relatively new one. It is only in the last two years there has been an explosion of innovation unmatched by any other in history. With the entire value of all cryptos, this has become a financial world unto itself. And, true to Satoshi's vision; many of us are not from a Wall Street-type background. Some of us have to use Google to keep up with a conversation about traditional, fiat investing.

With Sharpe, you do not need to know anything about those things. You need to make your predictions and let the AI take care of everything from there. Again, that kind of all-inclusive attitude is what took Sharpe Capital from an idea to the very top ranks of the cryptosphere as one of the best-known projects to date. Hang On A Minute. 

Is that it? 

Of course not. While we love the wisdom of the crowd approach; there are other metrics at work in the Sharpe Capital system's mechanism. With a unique hybrid ML /AI (Machine Learning /Artificial Intelligence) system, the project also collects more subtle linguistic metrics from its users. This further adds to its proprietary trading algorithm. This amazing little facet has been designed by the team, along with scientists from "leading universities" to take the subtle nuances of the actual words and phrasing of each user answers to questions and remembers that particular users success ration; thereby further teaching their platform how to make more precise predictions.

That extra facet brings even more solidity to an already impressive project. But, if the old saying "it takes money to make money", this project will make money for its users for decades to come. Why? Because the other old saying goes "they spared no expense".

From the deepest research, from the finest minds holding degrees from some of the most reputable institutions of higher learning in the world; this project is born of brilliance and backed by whatever resources it takes to build such a rock-solid crypto token and platform; Sharpe Capital has done everything it needs to do to succeed. And all of that has already paid off for the token holders. 

Due diligence 

Again, all of this is just our assessment. Before buying SHP, or any crypto, always do your due diligence. Chase your own wisdom of the crowd decision by hitting Reddit's numerous crypto subs and the boards on BitcoinTalk to see what the real cryptosphere is saying.

Then, read their white paper and visit their Sharpe Capital website. Take a look there at the powerhouse list of partners who believe in this project. Meet the geniuses behind Sharpe Capital!

(***btw - Their founders, James and Lewis; aside from being two of the most brilliant men in the cryptosphere; actively participate in community conversations on their various social media channels the project maintains).

Also, find them on LinkedIn and check out the team's professional credentials. Dig into the history of their ideas published on Medium. And finally jump in to join the daily, real-time conversation on Telegram.

Overall it is all of Sharpe Capital's brilliant ideas, backed with cutting-edge innovation built by one of the best teams in the cryptosphere that make this one of our favourite projects. After digging in and learning about the nuts and bolts of the project, token and team; we know you will feel the same. If you do; be sure to stop by their Telegram channel again and tell James and Lewis (the founders) that the CryptoDetail team sent you. 

Good luck on your crypto journey! Happy HODLing!!!


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