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Tron (TRX) Review | Promising Blockchain System?

Tron (TRX) Review | Promising Blockchain System?

"Together, we're gonna change the world, man" - Kevin Flynn, Tron Legacy 2010.

Of all of the gifts and advancements blockchain technology has given us, there is one solid fact that you can rely on. Together, we HAVE changed the world. Now, the Tron Crypto Project promises to carry that change one step further with what its creators call the Tron Protocol. With this new platform, users can create their own DAPPs (decentralized apps) that, combined, will create "a truly decentralized internet." It is an ambitious plan, to be sure. But, let's take a deeper look at this system and the coin that makes it all happen.

Combining Satoshi's security gift through the transparency of the blockchain with Vitalik's amazing Smart Contract concept, the Tron Project gives us the TRX. Originally TRX was an ERC20, ETH-based token; TRX will soon become a coin all its own in June 2018 (according to the popup on their site as of today, the 26th of April 2018. But why? What is Tron trying to create?

Tron Decentralized Entertainment Ecosystem

Since the inception of the internet, nearly anyone with a modicum of talent could produce their own writing, artwork, music, or videos. Allowing the publication of those intellectual properties took the artistic and entertainment communities out of the hands of the New York and Hollywood elites; and placed it into the hands of the people, sort of. Although those areas have expanded for millions, only a few have truly profited from that expansion. Who? Yahoo, AOL, YouTube, and Spotify, to name a few. The point is, the money from the world's art and entertainment merely shifted from one set of corporations to another.

The Tron Project promises to continue that journey by giving that publishing power directly to the people through the Smart Contract controlled DAPPs. You can create yourself directly on their platform. So, instead of scraps being fed to the creators of intellectual property being enjoyed by billions of people worldwide, those creators will reap the rewards of their work directly.

The "decentralized entertainment ecosystem" created by Tron is their immediate goal. However, it is not the Project's only goal. The idea of a decentralized currency given to us by the invention of Bitcoin is carried further by the Tron Project through what they call Internet 4.0. This complete recreation of the internet itself holds the same aim; to strip profits from the corporations that tell us what we can post, say and create, giving that profit directly to the users through the TRX. No more will Facebook be able to demand its Mr. Rogers-type standards of speaking and posting on us, as now a TRX-based DAPP can connect the world without limits, without intrusion; and without external rules and controls. 

Tron Satoshi's Notion

The Tron Project is taking Satoshi's notion of a free world and expanding it beyond our wildest dreams. The notion of "by the people, for the people," has come to life through Tron. The question is, will it catch on? Tron currently claims to have millions of users. That number cannot be verified. But, simply cruising Google tells the tale with stories from Forbes, HackerNoon, GlobalCoinReport, and others. Surfing these stories, you will see different uses and Dapps that live on the Tron blockchain.

However, in our mind, the most impressive show of value in this project is that in an assoсiation with Binance last Christmas, Tron held a competition for "best Dapp" in which the top prize was a Maserati (not exactly chump change). But, We live in the cryptosphere. And, if there is one thing, We know for sure, it's that you cannot believe the hype. So, like any good cryptophyte, We look at the white paper and team.

Tron White Paper and Team

The White Paper is no mere smokescreen. The basics of the advanced concepts are outlined here in this detailed 36-page document, which is always a good sign.

The team (who you can read about here) is quite impressive. Born in China, the massive team involved in creating and maintaining Tron is led by Justin Sun. He and his team have the education, experience, imagination, and enthusiasm for this next-generation communication system, data transfer /storage, and profitable entertainment that is second to none. As with all projects, the cryptosphere will decide whether Tron lives or dies. 

Tron Project Ideas

But, as of today, Tron, which started much as any other ERC20 token starts, with an idea and a bit of code, has grown nearly as large as the country in which it was born. We see the IDEA behind Tron as one of immense potential in entertainment, redistribution of wealth, and the advancement of our beloved cryptosphere. However, with its expansion to its own unique blockchain in a few months, We see much more potential in Tron, including, but certainly not limited to, the government uses, such as becoming a secure, fully transparent voting system. Such a vision is outlined in the Tron White Paper. And, with their success so far, they are well on their way to completing Satoshi's own gift of freedom. Imagine a world, ruled solely by the people, by and through a system so secure it cannot be broken, created by those same people. It is truly the key to the future envisioned when the Bitcoin White Paper was written almost a decade ago. It is a future that Tron flatly announces it will create through its protocol, coin, and unique DAPPs. And, it is a future that we in the cryptosphere have yearned to create through our endeavors.

It has been said that "With blockchain-based cryptos, all things are possible." Tron is a living, breathing example of the truth of that statement. And, just like Kevin Flynn said in Tron Legacy (5 years before the birth of this project), "TOGETHER we are going to change the world, man."

As with any crypto project, check this one out for yourself. Read the White Paper, learn about the team, check out the roadmap and website, and, IF you believe in Tron, join in the fun. 

Good luck on your crypto journey. Happy HODLing!!!


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