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Red Fog Review | Fantasy Crypto Trading Games

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Games like those offered on Red Fog let people experience cryptocurrency markets by competing in free-to-play trading games against users around the world.

Like those offered on Red Fog, free Cryptocurrency Games break down barriers to enter the crypto ecosystem.

People of all ages and skill levels can connect in the Red Fog ecosystem, enjoy friendly competition, share strategies as they contest the leaderboards. Players can see firsthand how news impacts their performance, experiment with different investment strategies - all in a safe, fun, social competition - without the need to risk their savings.

Red Fog Player Gaming Panel

Game winners are determined based on the performance of the players’ cryptocurrency picks over the game duration.  Price data is updated in real-time.  Red Fog is unique because they've eliminated the need to own crypto or spend any money to join their tournaments.

Red Fog is gamifying crypto markets

From these initial coin prices, players’ overall returns are calculated. At the precise end time, the coin prices are retaken; the best overall return wins the game. Winning isn’t always about maximizing return on investment. ‘Holding periods’ where users’ selections are frozen also come into play — the duration ranges from a couple of weeks to 48 hours. To conquer the leaderboard, you’ll need to discover the many different trading rules' ideal formula.

Red Fog is gamifying financial markets to introduce regular people to the modern economy.

The performance of your hypothetical fund hinges on live market data. You could be playing against anyone in your group — a friend from work, your husband, your wife, or the guy that keeps saying ‘you’ll be a millionaire if you grab as much so and so coin’ before ‘it goes to the moon.’ Everyone is on a level playing field.

Simulated crypto tournaments may be the catalyst to crypto mass adoption.

Red Fog Opportunities

Crypto novices can test their skills against professional investors, social media celebrities, and even hedge fund managers.

Maybe a little friendly competition is the only way to expose the scam coins whose utility was questionable already?

Your lifetime wins, and other in-game achievements give you points to help you ascend the leader boards. Red Fog team games have you join a ‘fund’ with other players, agree on the best strategy and take on other teams.

If you’re starting in crypto, looking to hone your skills, want to see how you fair against the Wall Street big-shots, or willing to enter the world championship bracket — head over to Red Fog and play for free. You never know; you may end up winning some Bitcoin! 


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