1xBit Crypto Betting & Gambling Review | 1xBet Co

1xBit Crypto Betting & Gambling Review | 1xBet Co

There are several cryptos dedicated to online gambling platforms. In this article, we will be focusing on 1xBit which has been around for quite a while and has garnered itself more than enough users.

For us, gambling has always being a form of investment. Yes! We know what We are saying: it's an Investment! This is for sure if you know that whatever money you are putting into it, is something you can really afford to burn without thinking of it twice (plot twist). 

For someone like one of us who has traded in several markets; stocks, forex, binary options, cryptos, etc and lost more money than he can keep track of, We can boldly tell you any form of online/platform involving you putting in money and hoping for a positive outcome aligns with Gambling. 

With gambling or any other thing in life, you need to know that practice makes perfect. You should not get deceived by Hollywood whereby some newbie could just walk into a casino with his last dollar bill and win the house (it happens with lottery quite alright but it's a one in a billion chance). 

So if you think you can turn gambling into a source of income rather than something to burn time and cash you won't be needing on, you are in for a rude awakening my friend. As a rule of thumb, the more attached you are to the money you are betting with, the higher the chances of you losing it all.  

Cryptocurrency & Gambling

One idea attached to gambling, in general, is coins. Right from the head or tail after school gambling (yours truly always had a thing for responsible gambling), to casino slot machines, we have always attached gambling to coin. This is what makes Cryptocurrency the perfect tool for online gambling. Cryptocurrencies have always been referred to as "coins" right from the time Bitcoin was introduced. So it is no surprise that there are several cryptos dedicated to online gambling platforms. 

In this article, we will be focusing on one which has been around for quite a while and has garnered itself more than enough users. 

If you visit crypto websites a lot, you are sure to have come across an advertisement pointing to one particular gambling platform called, 1xBit. Our first encounter with this platform came from clicking a pop-under banner ads on a popular Crypto news website. Ever since then, We have been attracted to the platform and We believe a well written and unbiased 1xBit review is inline. In this 1xBit review, you will learn all that should be known about the platform. 

What is 1xBit?

So what the platform is all about?

The origins of 1xBit can be traced as far back as 2007 before Bitcoin gained the mainstream recognition it is currently enjoying. The online gambling platform is one of the few providing its users with multiple options when it comes to selecting the type of games they will be staking their money on. As of now, 1xbit is offering its users the chance to bet on more than a thousand sporting events on a daily basis, as well as over 3000 slots options. This is leaving out other numerous gaming options such as live casino, head or tails, cockfight, scratch to win, etc. 

One major feature that attracted us the most to the platform is its mobile presence. We mean this is 2018, We use our mobile 80% of the time for anything online related. As a result of this, being able to access a bookie platform on our mobile phone for a quick bet is important to us. As a global serving platform with thousands of users across all corners of the world, the platform is available in more 46 different languages. The platform also provides a unique feature which makes it possible to bet on about 4 live events at once on a single page. This means you get to monitor all these screens and pick the appropriate time to enter a trade without having to open multiple tabs or leave a page for another one. One thing which makes 1xBit the choice of many is its simple sign up process. With a simple click of a button, you can have your account information sent to your email address. Once you complete the sign-up process you can then move to set up your 2-factor authentication. 

How to get started on the platform? 

 Once you visit the link, 1xBit.com, you will be taken to the official homepage of the gambling platform. 

Once you are there, you need to locate the "Registration" near the login button at the top left corner of the page and click on it. Once you click on it, you would be taken to a landing page like the one below. There you will have to click on the "REGISTER AND GET BONUS BUTTON".

Once you are done with that, you would be taken to a page with your account information which you can then have sent to your email address, or have it saved as a file or picture. 

Types of Game Offered 


We really can't help but laugh whenever We see this option on our 1xBit platform list of available games. The game needs no much explanation, it is basically a match between two male hens. So what you only have to do is select which cock you think will win the fight. If he wins, you win if otherwise, you wave your money goodbye.  

Sports Betting

With over 1000 sports events available to bet on every day on this platform, there is no way you will miss out on any action. The Sportbetting page offers numerous features, such as the Match of the Day. 

This allows you to find the largest selections of the latest matches for that day. These matches cut across, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, etc. So whether you are looking to bet on an international sporting league (Worldcup qualifiers, super bowl et) or club leagues (UEFA champion's league, English Premiership) you are good to go while on the platform. 

Live Casino

One obvious thing is that 1xBit spends a lot of money getting this section of its website fit and packed with games. Here you will find games you are likely not to find on other platforms. The live table on this section is quite overwhelming and it is not uncommon for game providers here to have over 10 tables. This creates a wide range of options to choose from (good for the players right?). In the live game section, you will find selections such as Roulette Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune, Scratch Games, Games Blackjack, etc. All these games are from top game providers such as Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming, etc. 

The gaming platform allows you to also choose if you would like to play with people, or against the computer. For those who do not trust the system, and think they can do better against another human, well here is your chance to prove yourself. The gaming platform, most notably the Poker section has a lot of live real players looking to have a good game. 

Virtual Sports

The sporting events in this section are computerized and not performed by real humans. As a result, the event usually lasts about 2 minutes after which you get to know if your selected player or team won. It works just like a normal sports betting, only that the players are not real. 


Well, it is no news that gambling is mostly about feeling lucky. This is why you have the lottery available for you on the 1xBit platform. There are two lottery game types on the platform. The first one is the National Lottery Draws from all over the planet and the second one is the in-house lottery. So if you think you are on a winning streak and nothing can go wrong, this is the section of the website you need to be. Who knows you might hit the jackpot and get paid enough to run 1xBit into debts.  

Bonus Offered

A bonus has become a benchmark for most gambling platforms, although We always advise staying clear of bonuses on these types of platforms, including trading platforms (binary option especially). The basic reason is that they are not in the business for charity purposes, so if they are giving you a bonus, definitely something is attached. However, if you think you can deal with the strings attached to the free money, shoot away from my friend. 

Currently, the bonuses plans offered by 1xBit are:

1. 100% Bonus on your first deposit: this only applies to first-time account users. Once you deposit the minimum amount required, you become entitled to this bonus. 

2. Active User's Cashback Bonus: this is more like compensation for using the platform. As long as you play on the platform you are entitled to a cashback bonus, which you can tend to use to play more games.  

3. Accumulator of the Day: The odds are low on other platforms? Then bring it to 1xBit and you can easily increase the odds by 10 percent automatically, using the Accumulator of the Day feature. 

Special bonus for CryptoDetail readers:

Promo code "PROMO" at 1xBit increases the first deposit bonus up to 450EUR + 30 free spins on Hugo2.

License and Registration 

With so much regulatory bodies now available to monitor the actions of entities like this, it has become a necessity to have at least one licensing body monitoring your activities. 

This is where 1xBit disappointed us a bit. On their official website, nothing of such nature can be found. This means they are not in any way licensed or regulated. As a result of this, We will only wager money We really can afford to lose, like the kind of money We can literarily set real fire on. 

Customer Care 

On the official page of the website is located a chat button (ASK A QUESTION). The button can be found on the lower right corner of the page. The button is labeled to show if they are online or offline. The majority of the time We have checked, they happen to be online. 

Apart from this, they also offer other contact options which include social media and emails. 

Community Trust  

1xBit has a below-average rating on forums and social media. Since it is a public forum and no proof, other than words are been presented. However, from our experience of using the platform, everything has been going on smoothly. Although We have not made any withdrawals yet (We are playing the Lottery for now), We have seen people gotten their money off this platform. However, just like with any gambling platform out there moderation is the keyword. Only gamble with what you can afford to lose! And remember...

Currencies and Payment Methods 

1xBit is exclusive when it comes to its payment system. If you do not have cryptos, you miss the show. This means no fiat payment methods are available. It makes the Platform perfect for anyone worried about being private. 

Here is a full list of 18 available Cryptos which you can use to pay on the platform.

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