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CryptoGames Review | Bitcoin and Altcoins Casino

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CryptoGames Review | Bitcoin and Altcoins Casino

Since the launch of the first online casino in 1994, online gambling has paved its way to becoming a popular online entertainment medium for many worldwide. The technological advancements during recent years, such as the invention of cryptocurrencies, have gradually added up to that popularity one step at a time.

Emerging as the very best in the crowd, CryptoGames is an online casino ready to meet all your expectations under one roof. From its fair gaming policies, the perfect user interfaces for all devices, to exciting events occurring every month, CryptoGames is the hidden gem you need to seek.

And if you are in search of a shielded online casino to spend your cryptocurrencies on, then this is the place you should be at. CryptoGames is operating under the MuchGaming B.V corporation, which also owns the casino. The casino is currently offering its users very nostalgic casino games. There are eight games in total, and all of them come with the lowest house edges out there. These modernized versions of classic casino games have won hearts all around the world. Along with making its name for the unbreakable security, the casino is always set to provide every player with the smoothest transactions. 

Here is a list of all the characteristics that caught our eyes.

Timeless Crowd Casino CryptoGames


The very first game of the list of 8 is the ever classic, Dice. Since the beginning, it has been a crowd-pleaser, and now it has become one of the most beginner-friendly games at CryptoGames. With easily understandable rules and a house edge of 1%, this game offers you an unbelievable sum of 6 BTC as their highest sum of prize! The game is played by guessing a number before rolling the Dice. The number you think beforehand will be compared with the resulting number. If they match, you win, and if they don't, you lose. Here, the keyboard shortcuts will come in handy for you if you want to roll the dice faster. 



A game based on pure luck yet never ceases to excite its players. Along with its 1.97% house edge, Slot offers its players a significant sum of 5 BTC as the highest prize to wager! This one comes with a more accessible version called the "single line" alongside its original version. The game is set straightforwardly, so you don't have to worry about the rules. If you get a consecutive display of 5 pictures at the center of the Slot, you win. And the good thing is that the more accessible version also increases your chances of winning for every bet placed. 


If you asked us about our favorite game at CryptoGames, then it has to be Blackjack. Also known as 21, this game of cards introduces you to an advanced gambling experience that will change your wagering game! At CryptoGames, the rules are kept simple for players of all levels. If you achieve higher points than the dealer or if your dealer crosses the 21 points limit, you will go home a winner. Since Blackjack has a house edge of only 1.253%, it can be certified as a beginner-friendly "advance game." 



Even if you haven't played the European version of Roulette, you will be thrilled to play it at CryptoGames. Offering a modernized version of the original, this one comes with a house edge of 2.7% and the exact amount of payout as Blackjack. At the beginning of the game, you are asked to build a stack of chips per the sum you would want to bet. Then, you will wait as the ball rolls on the Roulette. The payout will entirely depend on the sum the ball lands on.



Talk about bringing together nostalgia, brain game, and the casino under one roof, and you get Minesweeper right on your screen! Keeping in mind that players of all levels love to challenge themselves from time to time, CryptoGames has added Minesweeper to the list of games! The game's difficulty levels can be adjusted according to the player's preferences—however, the more complex the level, the bigger the payout. With 1% of the house edge, Minesweeper's most challenging level includes only one empty box and 24 mines to save yourself from.

Video Poker

Suppose you thought Video Poker couldn't get any more versatile at an online casino. In that case, you will be dumbfounded to find three different editions of it at this casino. With house edges set at Jacks or Better (2.11%), Tens or Better(2.08%), Bonus poker(2.09%), Video Poker is giving you a chance of taking home a prize of 6 BTC from one single bitcoin bet. The game also comes with a feature for players. The "Smart Hold" feature enhances the process of the game by helping players with their cards. 


Another classic game is to be found at any physical casino. Like the rest of the seven games, Plinko has made a special place among the crowd at CryptoGames. The simplistic rules of the game make it beginner-friendly at all times. Just like Roulette, you win the exact amount that your chosen ball lands on. Currently, Plinko has different house edges for different colors of balls. The Green ball has 1.63%, the Red ball has 1.84%, the Blue has 1.52%, and finally, the Yellow has 1.56%.



Cryptocurrencies available

Unlike many other online casinos, the priority at CryptoGames has consistently been Customer Satisfaction at any cost. And it clearly shows in their efforts to keep the quality of digital wallet transactions up to date. At this moment, the casino has nine cryptocurrencies that you can easily wager with freely. The nine currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ether Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, GAS) come with their deposit limits.

Switch options

Since the transaction speed may vary according to your betting amount, it is always advised to have a closer connection to the casino's server. During a switch between games, players can also switch between their preferred currencies to suit their limits. 

Safe Transactions

Adding up to these, the casino's sturdy security system makes the overall experience of gambling more than just decent. An impenetrable Two-factor Authentication application (created by Google) protects against any unwanted mistakes during withdrawals and deposits. It also lets the casino enable the "cold wallets" feature that saves a player's valuable assets during any unexpected attempts by hackers. The super innovative digital wallet freezes your assets until a confirmation has been provided to ensure your safety. This way, both your data and wallet always remain safe from the leeching hackers.

Sophisticated and Device Friendly Interface

If you are reluctant to explore the casino because of your devices, worry not. Because here at CryptoGames, the developers kept you and thousands of others around the world in consideration since the beginning. Hence, they've developed the game to be all kinds of smart device friendly. This also means that you will be able to enjoy an elegant theme for your game time. 

The sophisticated black outlook of the whole website is accompanied by systematically arranged information and links. Also, since you can find all the valuable and necessary connections on the first page, the website becomes easily accessible through any electronic device. 

Tabs for their dedicated Blog, FAQ can be found at the very top of the homepage, along with their Play Now button. This button leads you to the casino's first game, Dice. There you can see all the updated currencies that are available for you to use. 

Another thing that sets the website's interface apart from the rest of the online casinos is the nonexistent popups or tacky ads. This, for many users, became one of the highlights while exploring the most prominent online casino for the first time. 

Unusual Features

At every gaming website, it is pretty standard if you expect a trial version of any game before investing in it or even spending your precious money on it. So, we were thoroughly impressed when CryptoGames came prepared with its very own and unique features. The casino has set up all the exclusive features that are easy to explore and completely free. 

All players can play the games without spending their own money using the casino's "faucet" feature. This feature hands out free coins periodically and lets you play without risking anything at the beginning. Note that the PlayMoney feature also allows you to do the same. The "Faucet" level can be increased every time a player places a bet or recommends CryptoGames to others by sharing promotional links or referral links. It can level up as the player contributes to the casino's active players community by engaging in the chatbox. 

 Speaking of the chatbox, this is one of the fine details that keep players wanting more from the casino. This feature has been added to help gamblers find like-minded people and share their experiences all while they play. Apart from communication, the "chat box" feature also comes with commands that let you pay to give out cryptocurrency tips to your peers. It can also be used for seeking on-site support.

Exclusive Prize Payouts for Promotions and Contests

When you might think the features described above are the best parts of CryptoGames, we will add a few more bonus points for you. All the pointers we will add below will help you realize what you have missed out on all this time.

Since the beginning, CryptoGames has always been more than transparent about its aim regarding its casino. It mainly focuses on giving out to its users or players as much as possible in the most convenient and rewarding way possible. Hence, they introduced the concept of Promotions and Contests to keep every player on board wanting more. These activities allow the players to earn more than they expect on their first day. This way, the good word about the casino spreads out faster and brings in many newer players every day! The promotional or referral codes lead to rewards that come in different amounts regardless of wins or losses in a bet. And the contests reward the players with jaw-dropping prizes like a VIP Membership and more!

Players who have successfully maintained one of the highest places in the monthly betting contests can check out the VIP Memberships. VIP Memberships reward the players with exclusive features in the VIP chat rooms, monthly coupons, birthday gifts.

Supportive and Caring Community

As you have reached the end of our review, it must be evident that CryptoGames has a lot more to offer you than just another online casino. It gives you the enigmatic experience of safe gambling and opens up the door to a whole new world of online gaming. And when other online casinos are busy making profits, the team behind CryptoGames is working relentlessly on providing each of its users with the safest environment out there. Thus, it created a prevention policy (responsible gambling policy) to remind everyone that their mental health and safety always come first. If this is not the most wholesome quality in an online casino, we don't know what else is.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy some cryptocurrencies from an exchange today, set up a wallet, open your device, and indulge in the most intense and thrilling experience of wagering with the best of the best, CryptoGames.

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