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Storm token (STORM) Review | Micro-Task App

Storm token (STORM) Review | Micro-Task App

Everyone knows that here at Cryptodetail we love those special crypto projects that utilize blockchain technology to give benefit to every user. STORM does exactly that, and, they do it in a fun, engaging, and immediate way.

In a nutshell, STORM is a micro-tasking app. We have all seen those micro-tasking platforms that draw us in and give us a few pennies to complete some menial tasks. While that is not really the road to riches it is always a choice for those looking to make a few more dollars in their spare time. 

Parking lot pennies

Well as we have said many times before; most of the guys and gals here at CryptoDetail are the kind of people who will walk across the parking lot to pick up a penny. Like the old saying goes "a penny saved is a penny earned". Well, micro-tasking brings the proverbial parking lot right into your home. So, overall, it is a great way to get those pennies to save up for a rainy day.

STORM takes that to the net level and puts those "pennies" into crypto form. With their app, you can perform microtasks right from your handheld device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Wherever you can download the app from the Apple or Google Play stores; you can start micro-tasking.

All you will need is a wallet to collect your "pennies". While most projects only make payouts in their own tokens; STORM will pay you with their token, BTC or ETH. So, you have immediately liquid currencies available (just like those awesome parking lot pennies). 

But what is the project all about?

STORM is the brainchild of the prodigy Simon Yu (you can read more about Simon, and the entire STORM team here). This young man has already made a huge impact on the traditional fiat world, and his STORM project is almost certainly going to have just as big an impact by further bringing regular crypto users, and newbies in the cryptosphere together to enrich their own lives.

The whole idea behind this project, its token and its revolutionary DAPP is to spread the wealth and to "improve the lives of workers around the globe".

We here at CryptoDetail are passionate about the gifts of Satoshi. And, the most important of those gifts is financial freedom for all of mankind. Simon's STORM brings that gift to many, many more people. So, that simple mission statement speaks volumes to us.

Aside from Simon's own brilliance, he has assembled one of the most impressive teams in the cryptosphere as well. The minds behind this project are some of the sharpest on the planet. Some have decades of experience; some, like Simon himself, are young people who have already made massive impacts in the worlds of crypto and computer engineering.

While the team itself is impressive on its own; STORM has partnered with existing traditional and crypto giants as Kyber Network, ZenCash, Jaxx, and (another of our friends) Bancor. With partners like that the success of STORM is all but guaranteed. 

How can you get involved? 

Good question. And, as with all crypto projects of great potential and promise; STORM makes the whole process quite transparent.

As STORM is an ERC20 token; you will need an ETH wallet if you are going to buy, trade, and /or HODL these valuable tokens. Once you have the wallet you can make your STORM purchase at a number of exchanges.

However, as we mentioned, STORM is partnered with Bancor. So, if you already have your Bancor. Network account; just jump on there and make the purchase. As with anything on the Bancor platform, that purchase only takes a few seconds; and, voila; you have STORM Tokens.

*** Always remember and follow Crypto Rule # 1 and withdraw your STORM Tokens to your own personal ETH wallet; regardless of where you purchase it; even Bancor.

If you prefer to earn your STORM Tokens through the DAPP you will still need an ETH wallet (which will hold ETH and STORM Tokens). As you can also earn BTC through the STORM DAPP you will want a Bitcoin wallet as well.

Once you have your wallets set up it is simply a matter of going to the Google Play or Apple stores to download the DAPP. 

Click, click, click 

And you are making those proverbial "parking lot pennies". Better yet; you are making them in cryptos, so, your "parking lot pennies" are going to grow in value over time.

And, unlike our real-world parking lot treasure hunts; STORM pays more than you will make on a faucet, but less than you would make with a good mining setup. So, while micro-tasking is not up to the level of a paycheck you would make for a 40 hour week (like many of us only work 40 hours per week anymore). But, it is a great way to build up your crypto portfolio and HODLs in your spare time. Imagine, having a "super faucet" in your hand all the time. It is like a money-making fidget spinner.

All in all, we here at CryptoDetail love this project. It is brilliant in its mission, backed by a great team, and surrounded by powerful partners. It is a win-win for everyone. 

A word of caution!!! 

Actually two words.

We already said it, but, just a reminder as it is Crypto Rule # 1; so, it is THE most important rule you can know, remember and employ daily. Regardless of where you purchase your STORM Tokens you have to follow this rule to ensure the safety of your investment.

So, say it with us boys and girls; "We never, ever, for any reason, leave our cryptos under someone else's control any longer than necessary to make a trade and immediately withdraw to our own, secure, private wallet."

And, secondly is the whole investment concept.

As with any other financial decision you are talking about your money here. So, while we may love the STORM project, token and DAPP; it does not mean that it is the right investment for you. We have no way of knowing your particular situation, or passions. Therefore, before making this (or any) purchase be sure to do your own due diligence in order to figure out whether this is the right investment for you

Thanks for joining us on this exploration! Good luck on your own crypto micro-tasking adventure!! Happy HODLing!!!


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