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Top UK Bitcoin Exchange and Trading Platforms

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Top UK Bitcoin Exchange and Trading Platforms

How to trade cryptocurrency in the UK? Here we will review places to trade or exchange crypto and Bitcoin in the United Kingdom. Have a nice read!

All of our readers from Great Britain are probably wondering how to trade cryptocurrency in the UK. This is a somewhat topical issue since trading could bring tremendous profits. With the right approach and considering all the subtleties, trading in coins can get numbers comparable to mining income. The main thing is to understand the issues carefully and gradually develop in this challenging issue. We recommend starting with the basics. For example, is digital trading legal in GB? How can I trade cryptocurrency in Britain? Next, we will answer these basic questions, so read carefully. The material requires a responsible approach. So let's get started.

Is it legal to trade cryptocurrency in GB?

For the first time, thinking about the beginning of a trader’s career, everyone will think first of all check whether such activity is legal in the territory of a particular country. In the case of Great Britain, it is legal to exchange cryptocurrencies with FCA registration requirements. Bear in mind that in 2020 UK confirmed that cryptocurrency assets are not property, and it has no specific laws regulating crypto flows, so cryptocurrencies are not considered legal tender. Still, the sites are required to provide regular reports on financial transactions. Thus, law enforcement agencies are fighting money crimes.

Since exchanges work, it means that everyone can start their activities on such sites. Note that Great Britain obliges exchanges to inform the appropriate authorities of all suspicious transactions immediately. Thus, money frauds become almost impossible. We strongly recommend working honestly and only within the law. Now that we get the answer to the question “is cryptocurrency trading illegal in Great Britain" we can move on to more practical points. Let's discuss the platforms that are suitable for starting your work.

The best platforms to trade cryptocurrency in the UK

Having learned about the legality of trading, it is logical to ask what cryptocurrency trading platform can I use in GB? The safety and efficiency of your work depend on the reliability of the site used, so only trusted resources should be preferred. All exchanges registered in Great Britain are thoroughly inspected and closely regulated by law. So there is no doubt in the reliability of the following platforms:


Bittrex is a well-known platform. The exchange has been operating since 2014. Since its launch, the company has been actively developing and has an impeccable reputation. No gray schemes, excellent tools, a large number of currency pairs, and small commissions. All this is about Bittrex, which you can start working with today. The exchange is open not only to Americans but also to traders from around the world.


Kraken is one of the oldest sites. The progenitor of many cryptocurrency platforms, this exchange has been helping in serious trading since 2011. For all the time of existence, the company has never spoiled its reputation. The large and strong name of the company allows you to use the services of the American exchange easily.

Golden Gates Global

Golden Gates Global (GGG) was founded by veteran entrepreneurs of the financial market, who previously worked with the top trading desks in London and Amsterdam in 2014. Over the last seven years, GGG has grown to become one of the premier CFD firms with a daily volume of close to 1.6$ billion. GoldenGates is a leading global provider of CFD trading services for Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices. Direct trade execution and services to professional traders and family offices are provided for a wide variety of market activities, including futures across all markets; stocks, indices, commodities, forex pairs, and cryptocurrency. Among cryptocurrencies you can trade with Golden Gates Global are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash Coin, Litecoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, and many others. Here is why you should trade with Golden Gates this year:


Our top four is closed by a fairly popular platform among British traders - Poloniex. A large number of supported currencies, minimal fees, and a convenient mobile application underline the advantages of Poloniex.

Of course, other platforms that provide services in the United States are also open to American traders. It's about industry giants like Binance and Bitfinex.

Software to trade cryptocurrency in Great Britain

To fully work with cryptocurrencies, specific programs are necessary. High-quality technical equipment will allow you to carry out operations at the most favorable rates easily. The most famous market solutions are available for British traders, there are no restrictions. Choose and compose a work environment that is comfortable and understandable to you personally. Then success will not keep itself waiting, and each transaction will begin to make a profit.

Final words

So, now you know whether it is possible to trade in Great Britain and start such an activity. Try, experiment, and do not be afraid to make mistakes because we all started small. We wish you good luck and do not doubt that your efforts will be justified!


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