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Top Indicators for Cryptocurrency Investment

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Top Indicators for Cryptocurrency Investment

Let’s find out some most valuable characteristics figuring out the potentially profitable ICO.

Limited Whitelist

Recently it is becoming more popular for ICO to limit somehow access to buying its cryptocurrency. It might be a mandatory pre-registration, limiting the maximum amount of individual investment and a digital queue for the right to buy tokens. At first glance, it may seem to be irrational to limit incoming investments. But if you think for a while, you can understand the mechanics of this approach. Thus, the project is trying to find wise and loyal investors and protect their investments against ICO token price fluctuations. Such a way also allows to prevent blockchain overloading and develop a harmonious atmosphere within the community.


Nowadays a cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming an opportunity to pay for criminal activities, illegal goods and services, and money laundering ways. It’s more tricky to do if ICO investment project is dealing with KYC. Know Your Customer is a process of identifying personal data when a private person (potential investor) has to provide several documents confirming his identity. Of course, such a process can delay the processing of transactions, take your time for doing electronic paperwork, and make the cryptocurrency a legal, simple and convenient means of payment shortly.


One of the leading indicators of a potentially profitable initial coin offering project is a working prototype. The real good one ICO barely enters the investment market with a raw product. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) shows you whether the project means business. Keep also in mind that many ICOs have not standard MVP according to a generally accepted business practice. An existing program code (so-called forks) is often used as a basis for a new initial coin offering projects. 

One last thing is about to be born. A perfect initial coin offering project exactly knows how, when and why. We are talking about collecting investments. It is a good sign for investors if a project tends not to take away all possible ICO money from the market, but only attract as much as needed for development.



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