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Cryptocurrency Investment Guide | Extra

Cryptocurrency Investment Guide | Extra

A potential client usually considers investment in ICO cryptocurrency for the following reasons:

- to get the profit reselling crypto tokens at a higher price in the future
- to use an “ICO money” afterwards as a means of payment for services at a lower price
- to lend support to an interesting initial coin offering project. 

If your reason is the third one you will have no risk, only a regret that the ICO project has fallen short of expectations. In the first two cases, things are way worse than that.

No laws are regulating the initial coin offering; everything is based on faith. The project may not live to see the stage of a product appearance or develop the product; it can become a complete disappointment. Finally, some adventurous cheaters can deceive you by launching an initial coin offering not intending to develop the project afterwards. You have the right to choose any ICO for investment, money is yours, but we believe that the following points will help you make a more informed choice. 

What should you pay attention to, while finding potentially profitable ICO? 

It will be our subjective characteristics, and it’s up to you whether to heed the calls. 


A marketing campaign plays a fundamental role in every initial coin offering project. Due to well-coordinated and broad covered advertising campaign, ICO will make a statement to its target audience. But to bring clients is only the first step. Further goes a proper and systematic interaction, including community management, SMM, forums, reviews, and email. ICO allocates for marketing more than 30% of costs. So you can pay close attention to the scope of a marketing campaign, its channels and quality to have the reasons for judgment on overall ICO investment project. 


Once again. People trust people. A potentially profitable ICO is supposed to show everyone who works on the project. In this case, you will find information about the team, technical and business consultants, know and match their background to the project ambitions. They should be alive and have honest eyes). Also, take your time to check out the escrow. What have they done for a blockchain and crypto world altogether?).



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