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How Crypto Trading Bot Strategies Work

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How Crypto Trading Bot Strategies Work

Whether an expert crypto trader or just a beginner, you may have heard of automated crypto trading robots.

Thus it is very likely you are wondering how they work and how they can help you become a better trader by improving the quality of your trades.

In a nutshell, crypto bots are software that performs specific trade-related tasks on your behalf. Currently, there is a wide choice of these software solutions available. Some platforms allow you even to create your custom trading bot. The trading bots are designed to implement repetitive, time-consuming, laborious, predictable, complex, data-heavy, or sensitive tasks that are best done swiftly (e.g., buying crypto on a crypto exchange at a low market price when doing arbitrage trading).

The trading bots are limited to doing technical tasks based on information gathered from the market environment. They do not monitor Elon Musk's tweets, Discord forum discussions, or get 'feelings' about the best time to buy and redeem cryptocurrency. These tasks remain in the crypto trader's domain. Since it is well known that the crypto market is unpredictable and not directly influenced by real-world events, it remains the crypto trader's job to discern which real-world events, activities, and trends are likely to affect the crypto market and what their effect will be.

Why Should You Try Crypto Trading Bots?

Professional crypto asset managers utilize algorithmic software programs to grow their portfolios 24/7 and benefit from favorable conditions in global crypto markets. For instance, based on pre-programmed code, bots can manage an investor's portfolio and move multiple assets around, aiming for a particular desired portfolio balance (low risk / high-risk assets). The primary benefit of utilizing bots is that crypto assets are traded 24/7 since no one can monitor all of the market indexes and act on all the desired deals as quickly as a software trading program that can do it in less than a second.

Thus, crypto investors employ the services of these programs 24/7/365. They do not need to sleep, eat, rest, or go on holiday. It is like having your trading partner who is always working on your behalf. Note trading bots are so helpful that most stock market traders have been using them for years.

Let's now review the significant benefits of having crypto bots deployed.


Bots can collect data, analyze it, and act on it faster than any human being. Therefore, in the highly volatile, constantly changing crypto market, it is beneficial to have them when you are trying to trade in multiple markets, and seconds matter. In seconds, prices can steeply rise or fall and destroy the benefits of a seemingly profitable trade. Bots can quickly process the information that determines if the transactions trigger the execution of a trading strategy and then act on the triggers. Furthermore, they can interact with crypto exchanges and other platforms in far less time than it would take a person to do so.

Emotionless Trading

Crypto trading bots are less prone to error because they lack emotion. Their lack of fear, anger, anticipation, happiness, joy, euphoria, and regret means that they approach all trades and markets with no bias. Their lack of emotion translates into cold, indifferent market behavior that is predictable, controlled, and consistent.

24/7 Market Monitoring

Bots are programs that operate according to their code and the programmer's parameters. They run all the time and never need rest. Since they can monitor markets, gather data, analyze data, and make trades continuously, they can work on the trader's behalf when they are busy with other things. Another obvious benefit is that bots can scan simultaneously monitor multiple markets, something that most people cannot do. They can even watch them while they are executing transactions on other markets. Finally, bots can prepare market reports that assist traders in making decisions about their trading strategies, future trades and plans to diversify their portfolios.

Disciplined Trading Strategy

Perhaps the most significant benefit of bots is that they make it possible for crypto traders to engage in more disciplined trading. The trading strategies decided upon by a trader must be consistent, predictable, and unaffected by emotion. It must also use the technical data and any other information that may assist in making decisions about trades. The key to making all this work seamlessly is discipline. Bots can be used to instill a level of discipline in trading operations.

Trading Bots: How do they work?

Trading bots are computer algorithms that follow their code. As long as the programmer puts in code and parameters that produce useful information, triggers, and trades, the bots benefit their owner/operator. Some useful trading bot functions are listed below.

Signal Generators

Signal generators make technical forecasts and determine potential trades using market data and their technical analysis of the crypto market.

Risk Allocation

Risk allocation is the term used to describe the distribution of risk in crypto traders' portfolios. The trouble is allocated based on an algorithm's coding and rules. The algorithm's coding determines how and to what extent capital is given when the bot is trading crypto. This feature is handy to traders because crypto trading is inherently hazardous. So, traders are advised to reduce their risk as much as possible and to spread it out so that a bad day trading doesn't destroy their portfolios.


Execution is simply the buying and selling of cryptocurrency on different platforms. The bots are triggered to execute trades when specified market conditions exist.

Trading Bot Options

Consider all the different types of trading bots on the market. Some offer unique features and services. Some trading bot features to be mindful of are:

- Bots that directly interface with crypto exchanges and place buy/sell orders when the conditions for doing so exist in the market.

- Bots that have Internet browser plug-ins that enable traders to access the bots on their mobile devices.

- Bots with standard operating systems that can be downloaded as software applications.

Bots specific to the crypto exchange can be downloaded as a software application by its users.

Things to Examine Before Selecting Your Next Trading Bot

There are a lot of decent crypto trading bot solutions available nowadays. Each one has characteristics that make it attractive and easy to use for anyone with limited to no experience with bots. When selecting a trading bot for you, think of the following:

- Does the bot require you to have coding knowledge, or can the bot be tuned with a drag & drop interface?

- Do you have a robust trading strategy, and whether it can be implemented with the bot?

- Does the bot have simulations on historical data that permit you to test your trading strategy in a safe environment before deploying for live trading?

- Does the bot provider offer end-to-end encryption?

- Does the bot provider offer a free demo or trial subscription?

- Does the bot have sensible and competitive pricing?

- Does the bot support cryptocurrencies you possess and are willing to buy/sell?

- Have you checked Reddit and Discord forums for detailed info about the bot?

- Does the bot have enough footprints of legitimacy not to be considered a scam?

Closing remarks

Using a crypto trading bot is not a 100% guarantee that you will have successful or profitable crypto trades. Your success depends on your level of market knowledge, expertise, trading skill, and trading strategy.

It is essential that you have patience and continually adjust your market trading strategy until you find one that works for you. Also, don't forget that you must constantly monitor your trading bot and adjust its coding when necessary.

Finally, trading bots work best for crypto traders who trade and engage in risky trades. If you are a casual and conservative crypto trader who prefers the buy and hold strategy (HODL), crypto trading bots may not provide you with a good return on investment.

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