8 Best Apps on Crypto News and Portfolio Tracking

8 Best Apps on Crypto News and Portfolio Tracking

Keeping track of your cryptocurrency Investment is not only the smart thing to do. It could add "new money" to list of your titles.

For those who don't know, "New Money" is simply money that can't be traced back to the previous generation. Old money, on the other hand, is generational money. 

The massive northward projections in crypto coin prices in the past few months has created several new money owners. So if your deadbeat cousin suddenly comes into town with a G63 Benz, dressed in a $1000 suit, don't be too quick to tag him a dealer, pimp or any other questionable names.
He might have made the right cryptocurrency trades, monitored it and cashed out his profit.

Being able to monitor your Crypto trade portfolio and market prices could be the difference between you being the favorite uncle/aunty or "that" uncle/aunty. You obviously want to be cashing in some profit when your position in the market gains about 50 percent, especially when it's just a few days or hours after you made the trade.

Since the Crypto market has been identified as one of the most volatile out there. It becomes even more important to monitor your trading portfolio and know when you are about to have some "New Money" yourself. Doing this before power changes hands and the bears take over from the bull is in your best interest.   

What is Crypto News and Portfolio Tracking App? 

This is where news aggregators and portfolio tracking Apps comes into play. These apps are designed to help you set price alerts amongst other things, aimed at making you aware of price movements. Depending on your chosen mobile platform, these apps are usually available on both Android and iOS and sometimes web versions.   


With over 1 million+ downloads Blockfolio is the number one tracking app in the market right now. Apart from its features serving as the basis for most new Crypto market tracking apps being released, the tracking app features a listing of coins amounting to about 3000+. This is the largest you will find on any Crypto tracking app right now. 

One of the most notable features of the app is its news feed. In order to keep abreast of the current happenings in the market, and especially for fundamental traders, the apps make this possible by providing its users with crypto-related news from several sources. You surely will want to know when the latest news is pointing to the fact that, the price of a coin you have invested in is about to pull some sweet Usain Bolt action in your favor. With the price alert feature, you do not need to keep dots on the market. Just set your alerts and relax. 

The "Blockfolio Signal" feature also makes it possible for users to receive the latest updates directly from the teams behind the most popular coins (NEO, BTC, ETH, XRP, etc). The Blockfolio app also allows users to view the sizes of their portfolio converted to about 30+ popular FIAT currency. For those who will love to have a chart detailing how well or poorly their investment has been performing over time, the Blockfolio app has a feature to make this happen. 

Lastly, the Blockfolio App's ability to sync your crypto exchanges and wallets activities details to their platform directly makes it easy to track your portfolio in real-time. 


When it comes to listing coins as soon as they get launched, Delta takes the lead. This makes it conveniently list about 3000+ coins in total. The app provides one of the most detailed price analysis features as well as allows its users to create a watchlist for coins they will like to monitor closely. The app allows for a portfolio to be viewed at a single glance. With this, users get to see how much heat their portfolio is packing, in terms of profit, loss, balance, etc, across a selected time period. Another notable feature that makes Delta one of the best Crypto market tracking app is its portfolio analytics interface. Here you will be served with the most detailed information about your crypto assets, such as your coin location, fees, the exchange you use.

The apps also sync with multiple exchanges as well as several Crypto wallets. Therefore it becomes convenient to get your transaction details updated in real-time. The app also allows for your Crypto portfolio to be measured using your local currency and in about 30+ popular FIAT. Delta also provides its users with an option to hide their portfolio sizes using percentages. This way you won't be exposing yourself in case you need to check your portfolio in a public area.


Cryptopanic is best known for its excellent news aggregator feature. The app functions like most other apps in its category. It provides a well-detailed overview of the current happenings in the market as well as shows you which coin is considered to be bearish or bullish as well as the toxic. This makes it easy for newbies trading the crypto market to make trading decisions without having to learn much. The app provides a detailed price analysis of chosen coin, using charts and targeted the latest news and updates. With this app, you can also select which type of news you want to get. This means if you do not want any news relating to a coin, you could block it out or better still make a list of relevant coins you plan on getting news on. The app also has a PRO version which goes for about $9 per month or $99 per year. 


When it comes to the number of wallets, mining pools, and Cryptocurrency exchanges API integrated on a portfolio tracker app, Bitsnapp seems to be winning the race with about 25 exchanges added and over 50 wallets well synced to the platform. When it comes to securing users' information, Bitsnapp ensures that no information is being sent to their servers. All information is being stored on the server. As a result of this, even if they get hacked, none of their user's information will be stolen. The App lists about 2000 Cryptocurrency coins. Bitsnapp provides one of the most detailed coin overviews. This entails all information pertaining to the coin such as; market cap, the market supply, volume, charts, overall percentage change, etc.

Crypto News App

Crypto News App is a very comprehensive global aggregate of cryptocurrency news from multiple global crypto sources, providing real-time minute-to-minute updates. You can filter the news by site or category, read the news while offline, and watch video news from the global crypto news sites. If you want to stay up-to-date with all cryptocurrency news around the world, you have found the right app. 

Coin Stats

The Coin Stats app is underdog crypto tracking app with just 10,000 plus downloads. The app has all the basic features expected from a tracking app such as; price alerts, exchange and wallet sync, well-detailed graphics overview and crypto news. The app gives access to do proper coin research by providing all necessary details pertaining to any listed coin. This way an investor is getting up to date info of what is going on with any coin project. The app also offers portfolio sharing features which make it easy to share your portfolio with anyone who has the Coin Stat app installed. 

Crypto Viewer

This is another underdog on the list. The app was designed by a developer who also happened to be a Crypto enthusiast. The app was designed with the aim of offering ZERO ads now or later. Crypto Viewer provides all the basic features expected from a crypto tracking app. The app has about 2000+ coins listed on, and more coins are being added to the app at a regular interval. 

Blox Tracking Platform 

This is one of the most user-friendly Crypto tracking apps on the market right now. With the ability to log in on your Blox platform across multiple platforms (Android, iOS and Web version) using the same information, you can track your coins anywhere anytime. The app provides a clean interface of coin price information either using a simple view or a comprehensive and expanded view. The app is also well synced with the most popular wallets and crypto exchanges, making updating your portfolio transactions an easy task and in real-time. 

So there you go folks, now you have no excuse as to why you missed out on that nice long 50 percent whale induced price jump. 

Joshua Dylan


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