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Cryptocurrency Investment Tips | General

Cryptocurrency Investment Tips | General

If you are looking for characteristics of successful ICO, then you are in the right place.

It’s very important to have such information before investing in any cryptocurrency. Anyone should pay much attention to the following details while evaluating the worth of bartering your tried and tested cryptocurrency for some-day-promising ones. Each of them is a crucial part of a puzzle. 

The necessity of your cryptocurrency

What is your cryptocurrency? It’s the main question for every ICO investment project to start answering. This idea is the spirit of the project. The blockchain is not a rubber ball. If your product could get along without it, you should really do that. But it’s a hype time. Lately, there is a tendency to launch initial coin offering campaign having on hands only a colorful landing, in-hurry designed pdf file, and a few mockups, but neither the product itself, nor users, nor applicability.

But don't be too quick to judge all ICO investment projects that way. Some of them have really tangible reasons to proceed initial coin offering. If a team already has an idea, existing ecosystem, and users, then ICO cryptocurrency will have all chances for a successful existence and further develop. And in fact, it’s ICO’s own business what to do with their fantasy and your own business what to do with your cash. 


It’s like an appearance. Clothes make the man. A website is not only about providing the visitor with all needed information on a project but also it should be inviting to the eye, well made a priori, uncovering all features of ICO. It’s also a good signal to present your partners, team and all social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, etc) on a landing page.  


One may say that it’s such a boredom to dig into the “papers”. You probably don’t even notice a little square named White Paper scrolling a landing page and looking for a buy button. But nevertheless, the Whіtе Pареr іѕ a main ICO investment project dосumеnt. It discloses all important іnfоrmаtіоn beginning from thе gеnеrаl problem for ICO to decide, proposed solution, product description, description of token realization, ICO marketing, team аnd ending with cryptocurrency release and further plans. it will be difficult to launch a successful initial coin offering campaign without properly designed Paper. A few people will be willing to invest without a technically completed description of the project. Please also note that even the good White Paper won’t take the Bad initial coin offering project up. 


Any self-respecting initial coin offering has a detailed technical description of the project and planning for its further development. Such kind of compass is called Roadmap. In the perfect ICO world, the team should provide a thorough plan for developing over several years. Compliance of the current ICO investment project position with its Roadmap would be the real benefit for you. 


You might have noticed this word several times during the article. It's not random. The team plays a key role before and during the show. We placed it downstairs on the list, but, as you know, all the above-mentioned characteristics can’t happen by magic. The Team is behind it all. Therefore, it is very important whether the team unites experienced and motivated professionals who have already achieved some success, especially in the blockchain world. Here is just one secret. Any experienced investor puts his money in the TEAM first of all rather than an idea. He has to make sure people won’t put hands down, having faced some difficulties, will handle the situation and sometimes even be able to make a candy out of sh...



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