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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Industry Experts

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Top 5 Blockchain Industry Influencers

Who are the top 5 influencers in the blockchain industry today? These 5 gained their spots on our list for their brilliance, reach and hard work throughout the years. Each has helped the blockchain to become what it is today.

Cryptosphere is a vast world of opinions. Some are blatant FUD. Most are well-researched information from knowledgeable individuals. Sites like ours at CryptoDetail go to great lengths to reach as wide an audience as possible with the truths of the cryptosphere. However, many people have a great reputation, who have an audience so vast it has become a cult following. Reaching those numbers these "influencers" can sway the flow of the cryptosphere with a simple Tweet. 

Who are the top 5 influencers in the blockchain industry today? 

Let's look at some possibilities in our CrytoDetail Top 5 Blockchain Industry Influencers of 2018 list.

#1 Vitalik Buterin

Since we don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is in the real world; we can’t really add any of the numerous online profiles bearing that name to our list. However, one of the co-creators of Ethereum (baby-bitcoin and king of the token blockchain), Vitalik Buterin is at the top of our list. Vitalik is a brilliant coder a well-spoken writer who has done more to promote the cryptosphere in general, and the Ethereum blockchain. Millions seek out his advice in the industry, and rightfully so. His inside knowledge of the code and structure of Ethereum makes him uniquely qualified to speak on matters of a technical nature. And that technical expertise is important to us in the cryptosphere. Vitalik is also a very approachable and polite man who will take the time to have a one-on-one conversation. This personability and wealth of knowledge put Vitalik Buterin at the top of our Top 5 list.

#2 Jonas Karlberg

In researching this article, we found a wide variety of possibilities. But, there is no one more deserving of our # 2 spot than Jonas Karlberg; the mythical Dark Knight, CEO of AmaZix. We've discussed Amazix here in the past. However, if you don't know or understand the sheer enormity of that crypto company, you have to take a look at their website. Jonas' reach and personality are second to only Vitalik in our beloved cryptosphere. The army of crypto ninjas at AmaZix spread Jonas' words and thoughts on every platform that matters; as do the battalions of bounty hunters who promote AmaZix's projects. So, Jonas comes prepared; and well informed. He knows the movers, shakers, and geniuses behind the projects. And, best of all, he is another one-on-one guy that will take the time to have a conversation with people who reach out to him. For all of his knowledge, reach, contacts and sphere of influence; Jonas Karkberg is our # 2 influencer in the blockchain industry.

#3 Roger Ver

#3 on our list is Roger Ver. Better known as "Bitcoin Jesus", Roger is so well informed that he has been early to dive into some of the most successful crypto projects to date. Not only was he one of the first Bitcoin users; he has also been involved heavily in BitPay (one of the most popular, and most secure, Bitcoin wallet systems) and Kraken (one of the largest, and most trusted, exchanges in the cryptosphere). His followers hang onto his every word; and for a good reason. Roger's nose for success comes from an obvious financial intuition and amazing intelligence from experience and research unmatched in the blockchain industry. For those reasons, Roger has claimed our # 3 spot.

#4 Nick Szabo

Although he denies it; the man capturing our # 4 spot was once thought to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Nick Szabo is one of the creators who gave birth to the industry through his work in building and promoting, blockchain technology, smart contracts and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. As Nick is yet another in the army of geniuses that populate the cryptosphere, he has amassed a huge army of followers who listen to, follow, and repeat his advice. That is how Nick Szabo grabbed our # 4 spot.

#5 Charlie Shrem

Regular readers know that we at CryptoDetail love simple, secure, quick exchanges. One of our favourite exchanges, Changelly, is led (in part) by advice from the man in our # 5 spot; Charlie Shrem. As one of the Bitcoin Foundation founders, Charlie has led projects, currencies, tokens, and projects since the birth of the cryptosphere. As such, his words are something to listen to and follow. And people do; 73 000 of them on Twitter alone. With experience like that Charlie took over our # 5 spot with ease. 

Each of them 

Of course, this list is nowhere near a complete outline of even a fraction of the influencer who help to grow the blockchain industry daily. In fact, it takes us all to spread the word, share our ideas and keep the cryptosphere alive. But, these five influencers gained their spots on our list for their brilliance, reach and hard work throughout the years. Each of these people has helped the blockchain to become what it is today. For that hard work, we at CryptoDetail honour each of them with the award of their places on our modest list. 

We say thank you for helping us build this amazing (or AmaZing, as Jonas would say) new world to each of them. Your dedication, brilliance, and passion for this industry have brought us from a few techies playing with their new version of PayPal (what people used to think of Bitcoin) to the virtual payment platforms and awesome projects with endless possibilities that make up the cryptosphere today.

And, to each of you, we urge you to follow these individuals if you want to find the extent of your own success in the blockchain industry. Yes, we mean you should find them on various platforms and follow their advice.

But, we also mean that you should follow their lead by reaching out, with your own intelligence, wisdom, and expertise. The cryptosphere depends on us all, and every opinion counts. When your following grows in size, we look forward to seeing your name on our future lists. 

Good luck with your own crypto journey! Happy HODLing!!!


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