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Cryptocurrency Reddit Forums: Real Driving Force of Crypto

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Cryptocurrency Reddit Forums: Real Driving Force of Crypto

Reddit is the true driving force behind the entire crypto revolution. You can talk about specific coins or tokens, nearly every crypto project either has its own page.

Here is CryptoDetail, we do everything in our power to embrace the cryptosphere. We seek to promote the truth of this little world we have all helped to build. We preach the truths of Satoshi's Gift. And, we live and breathe in this vibrant community with no borders.

While the cryptosphere might have been born in that fateful white paper written by our mysterious friend Nakamoto all these years ago; that is not where it lives now. No, those thoughts have expanded, grown, and come to life through the very people Satoshi set free with his ideas and gifts. 

We know what you are thinking...

Cryptosphere is the most influential exchange. Or maybe it lives in the most popular news site. Or maybe on Twitter; there are a ton of crypto enthusiasts there. Or maybe it is somewhere else. Well, it is somewhere else. And, no, BitCoinTalk is not where our beloved cryptosphere lives. No, it is not Twitter either. Or CryptoControl, or even here on CryptoDetail. While we are all a part of the cryptosphere; we are not the driving force. Sure, there is a lot of great information on every true crypto site (more so here on CryptoDetail than most). And, many of those sites are certainly the formal home for all of our favourite projects. However, none of those alone is the cryptosphere itself.

While all of us are various parts of the cryptosphere; the SOUL of the cryptosphere is; wait for it.... wait for it... Reddit! That's right boys and girls; Redditors are the true driving force behind the entire crypto revolution.

No selfies

How can that be? Isn't Reddit just some forum-style website. Seriously, it is pretty much a 90's throwback, old-school Facebook clone. Isn't it? That is right; it is just like all those old open forum sites from "back in the day". And that is what makes it great. No one on there is posting a million selfies, or telling you how great tonight's dinner was. There are specific "subReddits" to match nearly anything that could interest anyone.

Luckily enough for us here at CryptoDetail; we love cryptos. And there are dozens; if not hundreds of subReddits dealing with nearly any crypto subject you want to talk about. You can talk about specific coins or tokens (we LOVE the Doge subReddit), nearly every project either has its own page; or is mentioned in the investment pages. There are discussions on trading, buying, HODLing, and you can even find jobs or part-time gigs paying in your favourite cryptos. Shoot, there are even discussions on Reddit dealing with articles from our site.

Since there is no extra fluff on Reddit; the honest human emotion and search for knowledge drives all of those threads. And this is where the magic comes into play. 


If a project comes up on BitcoinTalk, and the buzz spreads over to any number of Telegram; it is taking a foothold in the cryptosphere. But, where that project truly lives or dies is on Reddit.  

The anonymous people on that site relish in one of Satoshi's greatest gifts; the notion that all things in life should be trustless. That means that, if there is not any hardcore proof, right there on your screen in a dozen places, that is easily verifiable; then there is no truth. If there is no truth by those standards; then that project, coin, token, idea or person is; well, to put it nicely, shunned (utterly destroyed).

The fact is that the Reddit inhabitants are not just your run of the mill trolls out to damage reputations. These are some of the smartest individuals on the planet. And, the ones who visit the crypto threads are the top of that group of minds. There are people there from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some are hackers who have been in the cryptosphere since Bitcoin was born. Some PhD-trained scientists have studied and lived in a world of traditional, fiat finance and investment for decades. All of them most definitely do their due diligence to be well informed on an up to the minute basis. So, Redditors (as they are known) can make or break any crypto.

Why is this good? Well, again, this is all part of Satoshi's vision for the world. Honesty through proof. So, while there are the occasional scams, or "questionable activities" in the blockchains; those are immediately exposed to Reddit. This protects us all. Like we always say here at CryptoDetail; what is good for one person or project in the cryptosphere, is good for us all. 

What does all of this mean for you and your crypto project? 

Well, if you want to take a crypto project to its full potential, there are many steps you need to take. The most important of those steps are being completely thorough and transparent in your documentation; consistent from post to post and site to site; you have a better than average chance to succeed. However, if you want to become a well-known brand name crypto project, with a lifespan of more than a few months; Reddit is the site you need to join and participate in every day. Those are the people who make the cryptosphere go round. And those Redditors can bring your project to its knees, or shoot it to that proverbial moon.

That power, the power of the people envisioned so long ago by Satoshi, is the reason we here at CryptoDetail love Reddit and all of the Redditors that come together daily to help make our fledging world of freedom, truth, and knowledge a reality as it was envisioned in that first crypto white paper on Halloween 2008.

If you are not yet a Redditor and want to be a part of the real cryptosphere; pop in, sign up, find the crypto subreddits that interest you and become a part of it the real driving force behind cryptos. 

So, where do you go to find those subReddits you want? 

Well, to join in the conversations you want to join, click the little white and blue planet icon in the upper left side of your screen and you will see a search box. Type in the words "bitcoin", "cryptocurrency", "ethereum", "doge", "cryptomarkets"and "bitcoin beginners". Reddit is a big place that covers communities reaching far outside of the cryptosphere. Those searches will lead you to each of those subReddits. There is a sub for every crypto; or at least a mention of it somewhere. So use that search feature to join in the fun.

Oh, and if you are a real newbie to the cryptosphere and you do not have any crypto of your own to spend or trade yet; search "jobs for bitcoin", "jobs for crypto" and "crypto airdrop". The first two take you to actual work you can do, as a coder, a writer, or even as an artist, that get you paid in BTC, ETH or any number of cryptocurrencies or tokens.

The airdrops are like crypto falling from the sky. Some you sign up for and get some tokens on registration. Some want you to make a Tweet or two. Either way; you are a winner. Just stash those tokens in your ETHwallet and HODL for a few months. Nearly every token can be traded on EtherDelta once the project gets going. For more on this subject stop back here at CryptoDetail to learn more about airdrops and ICO /ITO Bounty projects in articles coming soon.

We are there on Reddit, and we look forward to seeing you there soon too. 

Thanks for joining us for this exploration! Good luck on your own crypto journey!! Happy HODLing!!!


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