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Blockchain PR | Public Relations Tips for Startups

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Blockchain PR | Public Relations Tips for Startups

As a new blockchain company, navigating the world of blockchain public relations can be a tricky experience.

It's normal to feel a little lost with different social platforms to manage, distinct campaign strategies, and a whole expanse of PR techniques to learn.

In this article, we’ll break down some top tips that you can follow when you’re starting.

This will allow you to manage your blockchain PR campaigns and ensure you have a successful launch.

Let’s break the tips down even further.

Transparency of Your PR Campaign

One of the most significant negative factors to strike the blockchain industry was the series of scams over recent years. A large number of IDO (Initial Decentralized exchange Offerings) began to pick up traction, drawing in investors and millions of dollars of initial investments. 

These quickly disappeared overnight, leaving investors scammed out of their money and diminishing the trust that people had in the blockchain industry.

Due to these early scams, many people still do not trust blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Due to this, one of your main goals when running a blockchain PR campaign is to ensure total transparency.

Investors will run for the hills at any hint of suspicious behavior or when something doesn’t feel quite right. That’s why you should aim to stick to the truth in your campaigns, advertising detailed, specific, and most of all truthful information about your business.

By doing this, over time, you’ll build up an audience that trusts your brand. With complete transparency, everyone knows what’s going on in your crypto company, and no one feels like your company might end up being a scam.

Honesty and transparency are always the best policy!

Provide Expert Insights and Useful Content

Most of your publications should educate or give insight rather than sell your product. While gaining investors is an essential part of the process, you’re much more likely to find support if you have an audience that enjoys your content.

Instead of publicizing reasons why your company is the best, try to publish content that will actively help and engage the crypto community. People will flock to content they’re interested in. For example, when advertising in the blockchain space, you should write content that will engage this specific audience.

Take a look at current blockchain trends or discuss a new piece of information the community is discussing. Your website should become a location that holds expert opinions, well-crafted articles, and a range of interesting facts.

Make your site a wealth of knowledge and expertise - the investors will come. Just give it time. Focus on building up your brand rather than just making a quick sale.

Use SEO Techniques

The importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. In reality, it may just be the most crucial part of the whole blockchain PR process. Your on-page and off-page content should be as optimized as possible. Just take a look at this graph by blockchain PR and crypto SEO firm GuerillaBuzz, which demonstrates as a company acquires more backlinks, the amount they raised for their IDO goes up.


A backlink is when a foreign website (any website not owned by you) links directly back to your site. Getting these backlinks is through PR outreach, which an effective PR strategy will incorporate.

It would help to use SEO to get your content ranking highly on the SERPs. From there, you’ll be able to get more traffic moving towards your site effectively. More people will come across your expert content, learn more about your business, and potentially convert to investors if this is the case.

If you use SEO, you’ll naturally begin to get more traffic, more people on your site, and more investors over time.

Final Thoughts

By using SEO, creating consistent and valuable content, and always being as transparent as possible, you’ll be well on your way to creating fantastic PR campaigns.

If you need help running your campaigns, be sure to reach out to a blockchain PR firm, they’ll be able to guide you through the whole process.

Best of luck!

Almong Atar


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