Global healthcare marketplace: telehealth, clinics, personalized service and health data storage. Sales till 30 June 2018


WELL is creating a global blockchain platform for high-quality healthcare. This platform will eliminate country borders and connect healthcare specialists and patients worldwide. The WELL token will enable an on-demand system that solves the current problems of cross-border payments, data accessibility, and payment risk, allowing areas with the highest quality of healthcare to serve the entire world. 

Token - WELL
Price - 1 WELL = 0.1 USD
Sales end - 30 June 2018
Accepting - ETH, BTC, BTH, LTC, FIAT
Soft-Cap - 3 M USD
Hard-Cap - 28 M USD
Country - USA
Owners and advisers - available info on the website 
The bonus is available

WELL blockchain will facilitate immediate fund transfer into escrow accounts. All constituents can manage escrow accounts through smart contracts, immutably releasing payments upon completion and approval of milestones such as visits, paperwork completion, invoicing, etc. 

WELL will provide real-time eligibility functionality, ascertaining patient coverage prior to scheduling an appointment. For example, in China, WELL will assist users with catastrophic insurance, intended to provide coverage with a lump sum and cover medical expenses. 

The WELL platform will facilitate, automate, and document all steps of patient care from referral to billing. Because all steps are designed to ensure complete compliance and billability, the platform will minimize and potentially eliminate non-payment by payer, thus increasing profitability, removing uncertainty and establishing trust among all members of the WELL network. 

Check more details at WELL website



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