Nuvoo Mining Review: Canada Based Cloud Mining

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Nuvoo Mining: Canada Based Crypto Cloud Mining

Our regular readers and social media followers are aware of my general skepticism concerning cloud mining. There are simple too many opportunities for a scam. Hence, my own propensity for small scale software pool mining.

However, We always give props where props are due. And, even in the vast ocean of cloud mining scams, there are those rare pearls where you can find an honest business that produces results with a positive track record. NuVoo is one of those pearls. 

More Than Usual Cloud Mining Service 

NuVoo Mining is a Canadian company whose focus is to provide tools needed to generate Cryptocurrencies in the cloud. Apart from offering Cloud Mining services, NuVoo mining is also offering both Dedicated and Co-located Miners where you can either choose to operate their dedicated mining rig or share resources with other miners within the NuVoo Mining community pool.

NuVoo is also targeting both experts and large-scale entrepreneurs with an eye for the Cryptocurrency mining industry. By offering these "whole farm" mining rentals; NuVoo is drawing in the big money to help the cryptosphere to grow larger; which benefits us all.

Another aspect of NuVoo that We fully appreciate is that they offer customer support in both English and French languages. In the relatively young cryptosphere, where everyone is so focused on hardware, software, code, and profit; customer service is a rare animal. So, NuVoo earns our appreciation simply for going that extra mile by bridging the gap in two languages with LIVE SUPPORT (another rarity in the cryptosphere thus far). 

Low Cost and Opt-out

Nuvoo offers a wide range of plans which gives you the opportunity to get the plan that fits your needs and preferences best. All of their plans offer guaranteed hashing power, meaning that your chosen plan will always make you money, regardless of incidental occurrences; and with limited outages.

Nuvoo's starter plan has a minimum deposit requirement of $ 225, however, they offer another, a hidden plan that is not listed on the homepage, which can be purchased for $ 125. It is also important to note that all of their plans are open-ended. This means that you can mine altcoins with Nuvoo for as long as your plan remains profitable. When it stops being profitable, NuVoo Mining will close operations focused on that coin. When you pick any of these plans, you will not pay the cost of electricity as NuVoo has invested in mining farms which are situated in Quebec, Canada. This location is one of the few areas in the world with the low cost of electricity. 

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The other reason why you are paying nothing for the cost of electricity is because this company has heavily invested in cheaper yet natural sources of electricity. There is a strong emphasis on using eco-friendly sources of energy which at least puts their miners ahead of the competition. Without having to pay electricity fees, then it means your profit potential will be higher than what you would receive from other mining operations offering the same amount of hashing power.

Aside from using alternative energy sources, Nuvoo also has a revolutionary HVAC cooling system that is custom designed to be more cost effective to operate; in an environmentally friendly manner. By placing their mining operation in the Canadian Tundra climate, cooling the mining rigs is never an issue. Although no pictures or live videos have been provided as proof that these data centers are located here, we can see that the clients are not paying the cost of electricity, hinting that the company is not incurring a huge electric bill for such a large operation. 

Live Support 

When you sign up with Nuvoo you will get instant access to high-level security web panel where you can manage your NuVoo Mining services. In addition to this, the company has made it a priority to provide their clients with a webcam security system in a live stream. 

Nuvoo is so sure of their reliability that they flatly declare 100 % uptime; and, they offer that all important lifetime customer service that is missing from so many sites in the cryptosphere. Of course, providing 100 % uptime is not something you can guarantee; things happen. But, Nuvoo does everything it can to ensure that their uptime percentage is always high. Their support is very responsive. Their ticketing system is equally responsive. Putting them head and shoulders above the majority of sites we deal with in the cryptosphere today. 

Feedback & Rating

NuVoo Mining does not have one of those "what will I earn in a day" calculators on their site. That is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a good thing because these calculators are highly deceptive. Using them gives you an unrealistic view of potential earnings; thereby guaranteeing your dissatisfaction. Price and mining difficulty of altcoins is hard to predict. So, if someone offers you a calculator and asks you to input a random figure for your own investments, RUN because they want to scam you. No doubt about it.

Customer feedback is not bad, except for some few individuals who were not satisfied with how Nuvoo conducts their operations (the ever-present armchair quarterbacks who, even though they do not personally own a multi-billion dollar mining operation; they always know best). Generally, any site that scores 4 out of 5 stars in most forums is a good site. And, of all of the reviews We have seen, Nuvoo runs an average of 4.5 out of 5

Level Of Trust

The bottom line here is that NuVoo Mining is a trusted company; it has our personal seal of approval (which, all of you already know, is HARD to get if you are a cloud mining op). They have managed to attract a huge crowd of active miners into their community; which, again, helps them to gain my trust as well.

In terms of cloud mining, these guys can deliver, no doubt about that. If the main aim is to make money as opposed to the user experience, then this company is your best bet. 

Good luck with your crypto cloud mining journey. Happy HODLing!!! Check more details at NuVoo website

Danny Donahue


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