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Maddex Review | Cryptocurrency Investing Platform


Today we'd like to introduce you to the most client-oriented investing platform,, which takes the concept of passive income to a whole new level.

Everybody knows what it takes to become a successful crypto investor and trader and make up a constantly growing passive income. Finally, we reached the age when experienced professionals in crypto investments actively sell their powerful knowledge so literally everyone can take part in the global game and earn from the proper distribution of funds in the crypto niche.

Some facts about

- 7 years of experience in crypto-investments;

- Such prominent players as Binance, BSCPad, ChainList, MoonEdge, Pancake Swap are already partnering with Maddex;

- The team managed to build a platform that allows you to build a stable income with minimal risk;

It's essential to know how to handle clients' funds properly.

The company's vast experience allows them to operate your investments in the right way. For two years straight, Maddex partners trusted their experience of clients' account management and increasingly grew their income.

Your guaranteed profit from Maddex doesn't depend on the general market situation; you may ask why? That's because Maddex uses the most quality strategies based on our paths that guarantee profit. That's due to a great variety of investment options and the principle of contribution. Plus, the website support team is always there to answer you're urgent questions and help you solve any situation.

What problems do Maddex clients solve investing in the platform?

Investing is the most profitable way of building a stable passive income nowadays. And the current world situation proves it significantly. The cold truth of today's market is that there are no other ways of investing than cryptocurrency. Considering all the troubles the World has to face right now, it's pretty risky to have your money in Dollars or Euros; that's why the most famous billionaires tend to buy crypto because it is not affected by all the problems mentioned. Let us clarify the main critical aspects of working with us that will change your view of the investing:

- There is one thing about cryptocurrency that makes it even more trustworthy than any currency system - it doesn't depend on the global troubles that have shaken the Dollar and Euro. That's why people tend to save their money in crypto and multiply their savings.

- More and more people nowadays think about establishing passive income. That's the only right way of building a stable and prosperous future today. Maddex acts as a problem solver in this situation, providing safe investment opportunities for everyone. You need to register on the platform and follow our recommendations.

- Many people tend to worry about the safety of their funds because they don't know much about crypto investments. Well, Maddex got your back here because our platform doesn't require special knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain to start investing. Even if you'll face any problem while using the platform, our gentle and experienced support will be able to answer all your questions.

Maddex experts are always aware of the situation on the global market, and here are some conclusions we have come to:

- The following year will not be profitable for direct investments.

- Even Gold has dropped by 10% since last year, according to the world trend.

- You can make more reasonings about what you should invest in using the graph below:

Comparison between income shown by the diagram

What do we do to earn funds on the platform?

A quick trip into the Maddex

Trading by itself is speculation on price movements of the currency when you get your income by buying and selling it via an exchange. Talking about cryptocurrency trading, we mean working with a CFD trading account on the Crypto Exchange/Trading platform. The most known ones are Binance, PancakeSwap that already became our partners, Huobi Global, CoinSwitch, Compound Finance, and so on:

Asking about what trading strategies do Maddex find effective, you'll get to know that the most preferable are:

- Trading based on Support and Resistance Levels 

- Trendlines, off-line support/resistance, false breakouts trading strategy (which is an excellent trading opportunity);

- Trend trading strategy requires deep technical analysis to define the common trend and trade entering the direction of the predetermined movement.

- Strategies that require using technical indicators;

- Free of charge 

- Price action, by graphic pattern, VSA;

- Arbitration transactions and deals.

Some rules of cryptocurrency trading

Let's mention the most important ones:

- Don't take huge bets.

- Be ready for extreme volatility.

- Use a trustworthy platform.

- Don't act on tips without verifying.

- Focus on blue chips.

- Keep abreast with global developments.

- Don't ignore the tax.

How do we diversify our deals?

Our investments are diversified between various crypto niches, such as NFT, Smart Contracts, and Defi. But it's important to remember that hype over a single crypto niche is temporary, so Maddex is always looking forward to new investment opportunities.

- Staking means getting some rewards for holding cryptocurrencies. The key is the Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism that ensures the security and verification of all transactions. In other words, the funds you stake become a part of the global process of crypto flow, for which you'll receive your payback.

- NFT*; ICO**; IDO***

*** IDO is an Initial DEX offering, is a revolutionary fundraising concept that offers increased liquidity of crypto assets, faster, open, and fair trading. Quite a successful fundraising model.

** ICO is an Initial Coin Offering that implies unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. It's compared to an initial public offering (IPO) but from the cryptocurrencies world. In this case, investors receive a certain amount of unique crypto-tokens in exchange for their financial investments in the business. It's similar to crowdfunding, but in this case, you fund the project development to create, advance, and sell a new digital token.

* NFT (Non-fungible token) In general, NFT is a digital asset that links ownership to unique physical or digital items, such as works of art, real estate, music, or videos. NFTs can be considered modern-day collectibles.

What's the difference between crypto investments and standard bank deposits?

Large projects offer their investors (token holders) a passive income similar to the simple banking deposit system at the earlier stages. But the difference is that banks offer only 2-4% while you can have 120% + in crypto. When a crypto-project makes its first steps to the market, the rate is approximately 360%. As time flows and the token advances, the rate tends to drop. The critical central aspect is that our company uses this opportunity and invests among the earliest.

World-leading companies are already investing in crypto; there is no need to mention IBM, NVIDIA, Amazon, Square, and more big players that made their right choice.

Maddex upcoming products

At the moment, the team is working on creating its blockchain with loans and financing fields.

They feel passionate about starting our crypto token by the end of 2021. Early investors get a certain amount of it for free.

The management is planning to create its own DeX (decentralized exchange).

Stay tuned. Don't hesitate to join Maddex. Start building your capital right now.


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