CCG Mining Review | Custom Rigs and Cloud Mining

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CCG Mining Review | Custom Rigs and Cloud Mining

In case you would like to join cryptocurrency mining with a minimal budget, CCG Mining will be one of the best options.

Everyone knows, the cryptocurrency mining industry became huge and dominated by large corporations like Bitmain or Bitfury. Bitcoin is mined mainly by powerful ASICs, some other coins - by GPUs or CPUs. The cost of entrance is high and the profits could be adequate only in case of having massive rigs with millions of dollars invested.

Is it the end of a regular miner? Of course not.

The crypto industry is therefore awesome as you always have different options to earn. There are so many coins that could be mined. Moreover, you have access to a community also willing to earn with mining, trading or something else. You are not alone here. 

Cloud mining is an option to enter the crypto mining with a minimum expense, like $10.

Today we are talking about CCG Mining which is quite old for crypto and legit.

CCG Mining Company

CCG mining is a full-scale international cryptocurrency mining company. Head office located in London. It has been operated from 2016 with about 50000 active clients, both individuals, and businesses. It has mining facilities in Poland, Britain, Russia, Austria, Latvia, and the Czech Republic. The company has ambitious goals of achieving the highest hashing power in Europe and providing the easiest and the simplest service to its users.


CCG Mining is operated by a strong and powerful team of experts who are open to dialogue with every client. You could reach them via Facebook and Linkedin. Feel free to ask any questions from them. Share your experience and findings with us. Their social profiles are available at the “About us” page. 

Cloud Mining Contracts Pricing

The company offers cloud mining contracts starting from about $11 (100 GH/s). The periods available: 1 year or unlimited. They have options to mine Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), ZCash (ZEC), MONERO (XMR) or Litecoin (LTC). 

The additional maintenance fee is about $0.00017 USD per 1 GH/S daily. It covers electricity cost, cooling, hosting and maintenance and looks cheap compared to others in this market.

Specifically, the company uses mainly ASICs for mining Bitcoin. This equipment proved to be highly expensive and risky to invest in for your own house farm. Cloud mining is an option here to have a share in the company profits with a minimal entrance cost.

Mining Rigs Pricing

CCG also provides rigs for Ethereum mining which will be an up-to-date ready-for-use pack or even non-standard and specialized. You can set, configure the rig and start mining at your place. You receive all the necessary advice you need to set everything right and maximize your returns.

This offer seems to be a competitive advantage beyond other cloud mining firms. Prices start from about $3800 (including latest high-efficient GPU and CPU equipment).


Withdrawal Terms

The company makes a payout to its customers on the 15th day each month. Available payment options are Payeer and Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is 0.002 BTC.

CCG Mining Profitability

Speaking of profitability. It highly depends on the price of the cryptocurrency you’re mining. When it’s falling, your profit could be negative. It’s applied to any business you do in the cryptosphere. Moreover, for the mining industry, it’s affected by the price of electricity.

So, we consider this activity as risky. The 2018 year was tough for everyone. Bitcoin price was constantly falling as well as for other cryptocurrencies. You had to have a large cost-effective data center to mine with profit. Nobody could have positive profits in 2018 with a small house based farm except you had free electricity and really cheap and powerful ASICs (I mean buying from disappointed newbie miners with a huge discount). 

Also, investing millions in their own farm development seemed to have the highest risk. So these times cloud mining is going to be the best option. The legit and powerful company bears all the risks and overhead costs. And you investing long-term with positive forecasts around the whole cryptocurrency industry. This time your potential loss will be much lower. But in the case of the positive market scenario, your potential profits could be just incredible. 


We strongly believe the long-term trend of crypto will always move upwards, as there are too many signals and fundamental reasons for this. 

The classic approach of diversifying your investment portfolio works for crypto as well.

Today the cloud mining contracts prices seem to be reasonable. It will definitely rise in the future. So maybe it’s a nice option of a financial instrument to have in your crypto portfolio.

In 2016 I personally witnessed the huge profits my mates were getting with investment in cloud mining. It was the dawn of such companies as Hashflare and Genesis Mining and I felt everyone made profits that days. I guess, now this industry becomes more prudent, less risk-averse and with a long-term return on investment. Everything is changing, real scams leaving the market as the governments and law enforcement officials now have efficient methods for their pursuit. The cryptocurrency industry becomes mature, useful and effective. Personally, I am happy with that.


This article isn’t intended to be financial advice. We recognize cloud mining contracts bear the high risk and we don’t recommend investing all your money in such solutions. Please try to make your own due diligence and research before making important investment decisions.

Thank you for reading and I wish you an exciting crypto adventure!

Jim Sanders


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