Dorado ICO (DOR)


Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. Next-generation leading on-demand delivery company with Quarterly Loyalty Payout Bonuses. Till 16 May 2018

Dorado Platform which is based on the MVP - commercially available food delivery platform -, (SIA Foodout Group, company code 40203064523) which is already operating in 6 countries, with +$50M in total sales, 1M active users, +4M orders and 6227% growth in 3 years.

Dorado's plan is to go beyond the food delivery, to innovate, to go global, to deliver anything customer wants. Dorado Platform will transform the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. The revolutionary HyperLocal Logistics platform on blockchain connects customers with local couriers, drones, robots who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.

Token - DOR
Price - 1 ETH = 6,667 DOR
Sales end - 16 May 2018
Accepting - ETH, BTC, LTC and Credit Card.
Soft-Cap - 3,450 ETH
Hard-Cap - 76,500 ETH
Country - Switzerland
Owners and advisers - available info on website
Bonus is available

|Since Foodout was started, an MVP of Dorado, the project has been continuously transforming the way people order stuff. Combining its latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence driven chat-bot technology, deliveries by drone and robots with current Foodout’s infrastructure, operations, and big data from millions of orders, Dorado ventures to reinvent the ordering experience on blockchain, while improving upon business inefficiencies caused by human. 

Check more details at Dorado website



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